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Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students MBBS Fee Structure 2019-2020: Eligibility for MBBS

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students | Value of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students MBBS Fee Structure
Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students MBBS Fee Structure
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students is so affordable and the Quality of Education is far better than China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan is also a Muslim Country. Today, Kyrgyzstan is counted among the top countries offering MBBS to international students at a very affordable price. The country consists of many top medical universities that offer MBBS, MD and other medical degrees. Thousands of students from many countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China etc apply in the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan to pursue their medical degree in abroad. The quality of medical education provided in the universities of Kyrgyzstan is comparable to the European standards. The medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are recognized by the world’s major organizations including WHO, PMDC, UNESCO and the Medical Councils of many other countries.

About KyrgyzstanMBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, formally known as the Kyrgyz Republic is a beautiful country located in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is known for its natural beauty and varied traditions. Kyrgyz Republic is a landlocked country, covered by mountains sharing its borders with Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the southeast. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek which is the largest city of in the country. Bishkek covers a total area of 49 square miles with an estimated population of about 1,250,000. Kyrgyzstan was occupied by by Russia in 1876 and in the year 1991, the country successfully achieved its independence from the Soviet Union.

The duration of the complete MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan is 6 years. The first five years of MBBS are focused on teaching the basics of medical sciences and clinical studies while the last year is completely focussed on hands on training in the affiliated hospitals. Many aspiring students who wish to pursue Mbbs from Kyrgyzstan is primarily based on the fact that most of the universities provide real life case studies and clinical knowledge during their entire tenure of education.

🔷Bishkek City where Universities are Located.

 The medical students who graduate from the medical university of Kyrgyzstan are eligible to appear in the major medical examinations like the USMLE, PLAB and also the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations, Pakistan, under the directive of Medical Council of Pakistan. The medical graduates from a Medical University in Kyrgyzstan can apply for a job in any part of the world. Studying Mbbs in Kyrgyzstan will provide plethora of opportunities to the Pakistani Students by virtue of the recognition from top medical councils across the globe.
Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Why Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan not only offers affordable medical education, but also a very healthy environment to the students coming from foreign countries. The medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are equipped with all the basic amenities that re necessary for a healthy living for the students. The university campuses are well equipped with modern infrastructure and modern technology. The quality of education provided in the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan is comparable to other developed countries like USA, UK and European countries.

Apart from classrooms, the students are given complete chance to learn through practical training and experiments. Students are also required to go on clinical rounds that help them in gaining better experience in their fields of study.
  • Top medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized by PMDC, WHO, UNESCO
  • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is affordable. The complete course of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan from any top medical university in Kyrgyzstan can be completed in 12-15LAC
  • MBBS In Kyrgyzstan is offered in English Medium
  • Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan provides world class facilities to Pakistani students traveling for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
  • Universities for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistan students provide hostel facilities for Pakistan students with world class amenities
  • Students traveling for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan get Degree of MD Physician from top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan that are recognized in all parts of the world.
  • Top Medical universities of Kyrgyzstan provide PMDC coaching.
  • Success!

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students Official Video.

🇰🇬MBBS In Kyrgyzstan.🇰🇬
👉Admission open for #September intake 2019.
👉 Universities with high ranking.
✅Affordable fee.
👉#Who and #PMDC approved.
👉Well furnished buildings.
👉Separate hostel for female.
👉Halal Foods available.
👉More than 10,000 Pakistani Students Already Studying in Kyrgyzstan
👉Clean and hygienic environment.
👉#kyrgyzstan is a center of excellence for #MBBS education in Asia.
👉Universities Located in Bishkek City, Capital of Kyrgyzstan.
👉💯 percent confirm admission.
👉First come first reserve.
👉Fee will be paid in University
👉Admission Letter will be issued with in two days.

🔷Why Study in Kyrgyzstan?
✓Quality Education
✓Globally Recognized Courses (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa)
✓Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), throughout EU and Various International Organization
✓No Entry Test
✓No IELTS or TOEFL required
✓Cost effective
✓European Life Standard
✓Worldwide Acceptance of Kyrgyzstan Method of Teaching
✓English Medium of Instruction
✓Better Job Prospects
✓Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
✓Moderate Climate around the year
✓Outstanding International Faculty
✓One of the Best Transportation systems in Kyrgyzstan.
✓Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA , CANADA , UK , etc.
✓Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Uni. in Germany, Sweden , Finland , Check Republic, etc.
✓Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program
✓100% VISA assured to deserving candidates
✓Admission open for #September intake 2019.
✓Kyrgyzstan is a center of excellence for Education in Central Asia.
✓A beautiful country with an amazing and peaceful environment.
→Process Time 20 to 25 days
√Minimum Education Intermediate Required.
»»Available Programs.
Bachelor, Master and MBBS/MD Programs Available.
★ 100% VISA. (Visa is on Arrival)
★ No IELTS needed.
★ No Age limit.
★ No Study Gap Issue.
★ No hidden charges.
★ Settlement opportunities After Degree.
★ Student will fly on the Basis of Invitation Letter, he Don't Need to Go Anywhere, Embassy etc.
★ Visa on Arrival.
★ No Requirement of Police Certificate.
Our Services
✔ University Admission ,
✔ Invitation (VISA Letter) ,
✔ Paper Management ,
✔ Airport Pickup Service.

🔷Some Major Advantages of Studying in Kyrgyzstan:
✓World class universities, An affordable fee structure with carefree lifestyle, and plenty of warm sunshine to go around.
✓Admission by simple application.
✓No IELTS and TOEFL required.
✓Tuition Fee to be paid after arrival.
✓Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.
✓Almost all universities of Kyrgyzstan are recognized by international bodies and organizations such as WHO also known as AVICENNA Directory for Medicine, IMED International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE.
✓The students who have completed their medical degrees in Kyrgyzstan are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), PMDC, MCI Screening Test as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.
✓Kyrgyzstan Medicine (MD/MBBS) & Engineering is best in the world.
✓Only 10 to 15 Students per class. Individual attention.
✓European life standard yet low cost of education, living and travelling.
✓One of the Best Transportation systems in Kyrgyzstan.
✓There are chances of permanent Residence & settlement in Europe after completion of study program.
✓Kyrgyzstan is a dynamic, vibrant country with energetic, friendly people.
How To get admission in any University of Kyrgyzstan.


Documents Required For Admission:

1. Matric / Secondary school Certificate / Grade 10 /
2. Fsc / Intermediate / Higher Secondary School Certificate / Grade 12
( Result awaiting Students can also apply on the basis of 1st year result)
3. Passport 1st and 2nd page in Scan Form
4. Colored Photo Passport Size ( white background )

You can send us the documents by email at FLYUPEDU@GMAIL.COM
After receiving the documents, We shall send you the invitation letter, admission letter and visa support letter.

• Deadline Reaching.
• Seats are Limited. Only few seats are Left.
• Admission on first come first serve basis Only.
• Second year result awaiting Students can apply on the basis of 1st year result of intermediate.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

WHO / PMDC Approved List of universities in Kyrgyzstan

  • Some of the reputed medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are listed below:

International School of Medicine International University of Kyrgyzstan, ISM-IUK:

INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF KYRGYZSTAN (IUK) located in Bishkek,  founded in 1993 by a special Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic № 74 that gave the university the status of international higher education institution.
Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani StudentsThe International School of Medicine ISM, University of Kyrgyzstan offering MBBS & MD Degree in English Medium.As a structural division of IUK was established in 2003 The main foundation for establishment of the school was a strategy of reforming Kyrgyz education system and increasing competitiveness of domestic universities, which resulted in the main emphasis of ISM administration and faculty being focused on the creation of a modern dynamic educational institution that can provide high quality training and has competitive potentials in the medical education market. Currently, the International School of Medicine,Kyrgyzstan ISM is a modern university with comprehensive infrastructure,and experienced faculty members that are nationally and some of them worldwide recognized specialists in different areas of medicine, professional health organizations and agencies. Fifteen years ago the first enrollment of students numbered only 13, whereas at present about 3500 students study in the school. Most of our students are citizens of foreign countries: India, Pakistan, South Korea, Africa, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey and Syria.This is why the language of instruction is English.

Fee Structure 2018-2019 for MBBS/MD in International School of Medicine (ISM), University of Kyrgyzstan

Duration of MBBS Degree in ISM : 5 years Including internship 
Admission Fee with Documents = 250 U$D
Important Notes:
  1. Student will pay Embassy Fee approx 100$ U$D by themselves on Arrival at Bishkek Airport..
  2. Fee will be charged on Arrival at very first day in International School of Medicine ISM, University of Kyrgyzstan.
  3. Student will follow the hostel availability & hostel fee policy advised by the university official.
  4. Student will afford the Air-ticket, food expenses, and stationary by themselves.
  5. Student will pay the Residence Permit fee & insurance fee from 2nd year to onward by themselves.
  6. Pakistani & Indian students will follow the rules & Regulations of PM&DC & MCI respectively.
  7. Student will follow the policies of College & Education Department of Kyrgyzstan.

International School of Medicine Official Video ISM IUK.

International School of Medicine Fees Structure.

International School of Medicine MBBS Fees Structure.
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Our Student's in International School of Medicine (ISM) Kyrgyzstan.

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee
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International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

International School of Medicine – ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fee

Benefits of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students Kyrgyzstan offers a wide range of advantages to the students who want to pursue MBBS from a medical university here. Some of the benefits of studying MBBS from Kyrgyzstan are listed below:
1. The medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are listed in the directories of the world’s major organizations like WHO, UNESCO and PMDC.
2. The medium of instruction in the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan is English.
3. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports and extracurricular activities.
4. Students are not required to clear any entrance examination for admission.
5. The cost of tuition and accommodation is very low as compared to other countries.
6. Students studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan are offered many opportunities to take part in international conferences and seminars.
7. The process of admission in Kyrgyzstan medical universities is very simple.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students

📌 Our Students in Kyrgyzstan. Pakistani Students sent by FlyUp Consultants® in Kyrgyzstan for MBBS.
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📌Kyrgyzstan Universities Fees Structure.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

PMDC clears the confusion!

The medical council of Pakistan or PMDC has cleared the clouds of confusion for the medical aspirants. The students were confused and worried about the fact if they will have to sit for the PMDC exam even if they wish to go for MBBS in abroad. Now the PMDC has made it clear that a student going for MBBS in Abroad will don't have to worry about Fsc Marks Percentage to sit in the PMDC Exam. This latest update will come into play May 01, 2019 onwards.
Getting admission in MBBS or any other medical course in a medical university in Kyrgyzstan is very simple. The student must fulfil the following criteria:
  • The student shall complete the age of 16 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission.
  • The candidate must secure 50% marks in their 12th standard from Science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in Fsc or any other Equivalent Board of Examination.

International Medical University, Kyrgyzstan.

International Medical University IMU Kyrgyzstan

IMU Kyrgyzstan Bishkek, International Medical University IMU Bishkek , Founded in 2016 Located in Kyrgyz republic , Bishkek City. IMU Bishkek Recognized by WHO & International Students are eligible for PM&DC , MCI , ECFMG Certifications. IMU Kyrgyzstan Started foreign students enrollments in 2017 & offering MBBS (bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor in Surgery) / MD (Doctor of Medicine) Degree in English Medium with course duration of 05 years.

The International Medical University IMU opens its doors for entrants in the following areas: Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS) and Pharmacy. To implement the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic in these areas and comply with the requirements of the state educational standard, the International Medical University IMU has developed to date a unique and universal campus, in which the clinical base, educational and scientific educational centers with equipped laboratories and a hostel are concentrated.

International Medical University IMU Kyrgyzstan
Ranking of IMU Kyrgyzstan is better as compared to other Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan.The protected territory of the university is 11 hectares, on which there is a campus, medical and pharmaceutical college, sports and social infrastructure, parking. The educational process combines an innovative approach and the latest technologies in education. Lectures and practical classes are conducted in the state, official and English languages. Upon completion, a diploma of higher medical education of the state standard is issued.

International Medical University IMU Kyrgyzstan

International Medical University IMU, created by the decision of the sole founder of LLC «Astrum -Bereket» dated July 14 2016 in Bishkek.
MTN is registered as a legal entity in the Ministry of Justice, registration number 160149-3301, Ltd. on July 18, 2016.
The license to conduct educational activities in the field of higher education issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic dated 14 September 2016. The LD number 160000696, registration number 16/0385.

  • 5 Years Program.
  • No Donation
  • MCI/PMDC Preparation from 1st Year
  • USMLE Based Syllabus & Preparation
  • Fees Only $1600/Semester
  • Biggest Campus in Kyrgyzstan
The campus has all the conditions for full immersion in the learning process. Not only students of Kyrgyzstan, but also from such countries as Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Palestine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Africa, USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey and Syria etc. are studying at the university. International Medical University is a multilevel educational system.

Details of International Medical University IMU , Kyrgyzstan :
  1. Lowest & affordable fee schedule for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  2. More than 1000 foreign students from different nationalities (Pakistan , India , Nepal & others) are studying MBBS & MD.
  3. MBBS’s Course Duration is 05 years including 1 year of Clinical Internship (4+1).
  4. International Medical College Kyrgyzstan have 03 affiliated hospitals.
  5. The degree is accordance to PM&DC/WHO/MCI guidelines & degree is equivalent to Medical graduates of WHO.

International Medical University official Video, Kyrgyzstan.

    International Medical University, Kyrgyzstan.  Fees Structure.

    International Medical University, Kyrgyzstan.  MBBS Fees Structure.
    Click on Image for Zoom

    Other Universities
      Jalal-Abad State University
        Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
          Asian Medical Institute

          Student Hostels in Kyrgyzstan.

          International School of Medicine Hostels
          Click on Images for Better View

          International School of Medicine Hostels

          International School of Medicine Hostels

          International School of Medicine Hostels

          International School of Medicine Hostels

          International School of Medicine Hostels

          Apply for MBBS Admission 2019-2020 Through FlyUp Consultants Today!

          MBBS BDS in Kyrgyzstan

          MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2019, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students 2019, MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan 2019-2020, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Fees Structure 2019-2020

          The lowest cost medical programs for Pakistani students is available at MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. At the total cost of below Rs. 12.00 Lacs including the fees structure and hostel accommodation. The Kyrgyzstan MBBS program can be completed within 6 years. Basically, totally 5 PMDC recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are available. Another upcoming medical institution namely IMI Academy is expected to get the PMDC approval very soon. In earlier days, the Kyrgyzstan was a part of former USSR. Further, it split from modern Russia in 1991.
          The Kyrgyzstan is sandwiched between of China and Kazakhstan. The Pakistani students feel comfortable in Kyrgyzstan. Because the weather is almost similar to colder Pakistani cities in North Pakistani. Also, the cost of living is slightly lesser than Pakistan. For Pakistani students who wish to study MBBS abroad must definitely consider choosing a top university from the Kyrgyzstan medical university list. There is a very small list of PMDC recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. In comparison with MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is more economical for students who want to pursue their MBBS in abroad. The MBBS fee in Kyrgyzstan is very affordable to Pakistani students and is considered to be one of the few countries who offer MBBS with less fees in the world.
          The main religion of the people of Kyrgyzstan is Islam. There are around 83% of the population follows Muslim religion. However, the people follow the Russian culture. It culturally accepts Pakistani students from all the religion go to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Studying at any top MBBS college in Kyrgyzstan would assure students a good medical career ahead. Just like the Russian MBBS degree in Pakistan is valuable, the MBBS degree from Kyrgyzstan is also highly valued in Pakistan . However, it is important to study at the oldest and top-ranked Kyrgyzstan medical college – Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy. This university is based in the capital city of Bishkek. The CEO of FlyUp Consultants , had visited the city and various medical universities in Kyrgyzstan.


          Your Budget (Rs)Suggested CountryFlyUp Consultants Recommended University
          25-30 LacsKyrgyzstanISM-IUK (International School of Medicine)
          35-40 LacsRussia (B Grade)Crimea State Medical University
          40-50 LacsUkraineIvano-Frankovsk Medical University
          China (B Grade)Nanjing Medical University
          China (B Grade)Jilin University
          45-55 LacsRussia (A Grade)Pirogov Russia NRM University
          China (A Grade)Huazhong University of Science & technology
          40-60 LacsPolandUniversity of Lodz
          65 Lacs aboveUSASpartan Health Science University
          65 Lacs & PMDC  QualifiedPakistanPakistani Private Medical Colleges


          1. Tuition fees for the entire MBBS course
          2. Hostel accommodation for the entire course
          3. Food and Living cost through the 5 or 6 years medicine course in Kyrgyzstan
          4. Miscellaneous Costs including Resident permit extension, Medical Insurance, Text Books etc.
          We represent more than 51 Medical universities from various countries. However, these are TOP 10 Universities from suggested on various parameters. Let us understand the program carefully.


          In order to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan, generally, the Pakistani students just need to reserve the medical seat by July end. The time taken from application to departure for MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan is 8-10 weeks. But, the student can apply later if the seats are available. The Pakistani students are required to enter Kyrgyzstan for MBBS by 20th August. Probably, the students who reserve their seats early are able to make it successfully to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan


          There are large number Pakistani students having lower academic such as between 50% to 60% in PCB. But they still wishing to go for high quality and lower cost, they go to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan medical college. Even the students with 50% in PCB may apply to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan at the colleges such as Osh State Medical University by just investing for university application money.
          If Pakistani students are not able to clear the entrance test taken at KSMU, they will be transferred to other Kyrgyzstan medical universities such as Asian medical college. Generally, the Pakistani students above 55% in PCB in Pakistan pass this exam easily. In addition, there is no donation to study at medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan. In fact, the students need to appear for an entrance test only at Kyrgyzstan State Medical University. However, there is no scholarship are available for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. The admission process is quite similar to the process for MBBS admission in Russia.
          We also do Online Seminars (webinar) frequently to guide the students towards a right career path.


          FlyUp Consultants is going to hold seminars in different parts of Pakistan and shall come to your city anytime, DO NOT MISS this golden opportunity to interact with our expert counsellors and get the right advice on your medical career!
          Also, it is highly advisable to attend one of our Online Counselling sessions on MBBS abroad till PG before attending the seminar as you would have your basics clear since the start! 


          FlyUp Consultants has an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of MBBS counselors who have an expertise in a specific topic like MBBS in Russia, China, USA, UkraineGermany, etc right up to PG. You can be in touch with one of the counsellors constantly via phone calls, SMS, Whats app, Emails, etc and they shall be there to solve your doubts and help you carve the right path towards your MBBS journey!
          You can call on,
          • 0300 4888 642 for MBBS Abroad like Russia, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, etc ( if you have a budget in the range of Rs. 15lacs and above)
          • 03004888642 for MBBS in USA right up to PG ( If you have a budget of Rs. 60-70 lac)
          • 03004888642 for PG in Germany


          FlyUp Consultants has its branch offices in 12 cities of Pakistan now so there is no need to travel all the way to the Mumbai Head office for a personal counselling! You can still do so if you wish though. To get to a

          FlyUp Consultants office in your own city for a free personal counselling session on MBBS Abroad right up to PG in USA/ Germany, You call on 03004888642 and our counselor shall arrange a Personal counselling session in your city or the closest location to you.
          The students who register with

          FlyUp Consultants for MBBS Abroad get a higher priority in the scholarship test. You can call on 03004888642 to get further information on the scholarship test of 2018!


          The students can choose any of the low-cost PMDC recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. Also, the Students can study MBBS in English medium. Also, There are around 5,000 Pakistan students study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at these medical colleges.


          Generally, the students should get in touch with overseas education consultants and try to understand your options. However, slowly, the students take most of the information from the popular website such as

          FlyUp Consultants and apply to study MBBS abroad at top-ranked universities. For MBBS Kyrgyzstan, you may choose various universities from below.
          The most recommended one among them is International School of Medicine (KSMU). The other low cost MBBS Kyrgyzstan option is Asian Medical Institute which has the high number of Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan. The medical studies at Asian Medical College and the International medical university of Kyrgyzstan are slowly getting popular because of Pakistani Food. However, PMDC Test coaching is still an issue and you need to take the online coaching for FMGE provided by us. You can definitely call up

          FlyUp Consultants to get your medical seat!


          Generally, All the medical colleges offer programs with 6 years course duration in Kyrgyzstan. However, Only ISM, Kyrgyzstan (Remember, it is a private college, so not suggested by FlyUp Consultants ) offers 5 years course duration.Osh State medical university Kyrgyzstan and Jalalabad medical university Kyrgyzstan along with an International school of medicine Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan are some of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in Russia fees for Pakistani students 2018 is higher than Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy fee structure.Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy is one of the top rated university of Kyrgyzstan. It is suggested to choose government medical colleges to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan is a private college and is probably cheaper that to study MBBS in Russia Moscow.



          In 2016, there were many of the students are waiting for PMDC  2 exam. But, these students are making a big mistake since the application deadline for most of the PMDC approved MBBS abroad universities would pass. Hence, they wasted a year by repeating. Therefore, FlyUp Consultants offers you an innovative solution by reserving your seat before PMDC  2018.
          The students can take the admission letter in their hand as your PLAN B. In case you get the admission through PMDC 2018, you need not go to your chosen university for MBBS abroad. However, in case you do not make it, at least your backup plan is ready! It would be a smart decision for those students who already booked their medical seats. This is especially required for the actual success of PMDC is only 3%. It means, 97% of the students appearing for PMDC would not be getting admission. It is evident that more than 11.4 Lacs students would appear in PMDC 2018 just for 25,000 medical seats in Pakistani government medical colleges.


          • The fees of private medical colleges are increased in 2018 by almost 50% and reaching around Rs. 70 Lacs for the full course.
          • The admission would be through PMDC and no agents can play with the admission process to private medical colleges in Pakistan. So do not entertain any agents in 2018.
          • The student does not need to pay even a single Rupee for reserving the seat at top-ranked Kyrgyz state medical academy. However, he should pay only university application fees. Do not pay any advance to the education agents.
          So just reserve the seat in an PMDC approved MBBS abroad university as per your budget and relax!
          MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is considered a better option than Russian MBBS or MBBS in Ukraine 2018 for students who have a limited budget or want an economical option to study MBBS abroad.


          The most noteworthy factors attracting the Pakistani students get attracted due to such as:
          • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan has a Lowest cost/fee structure in the world – Around Rs. 1.60 Lacs / year.
          • Hostel costs are very low as compare to another country. The Cost is around Rs. 30,000 per year.
          • The Costs of Living is around Rs 6,500 per month (Fixed US$ 103) including Food (2 Meals), laundry as well as Room cleaning.
          • Pakistani food is also the reason for the students to choose MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

          Pakistani STUDENTS AT KYRGYZSTAN.

          There are a large number of the programs that are completed within Rs. 10-15 Lacs of fees structure package. There are around 4,500 Pakistani students studying in PMDC approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. One of the cheapest medical university in Asia lies in Kyrgyzstan but all the universities are not advisable for Pakistani students due to the low quality of education. In the city of Bishkek, there are around 1000 Pakistani students for medicine program in 3 MBBS universities. Just around 30 minutes away, in a city called Kant, there are around 700 students at Asian Medical Institute.


          MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

          Firstly, The Pakistani students can easily get the admission by applying through a direct MBBS online system. After that, the Pakistani students have got the admission offer letter within 4-8 weeks. If you apply within the specified application deadline, there is absolutely no problem to complete the admission process. In that case, the departure would be by 15th September to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for private colleges and 20th August for government college. This is true especially for the best MBBS college in Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. 
          For other universities such as Osh State Medical University and Asian Medical Institute, one can apply till late July. The On-line and direct admission system ensures the complete transparency for the Pakistani students. Hence, they can track the admission progress through our latest technology “SATS”. There is an absolutely hassle-free admission to the best low-cost medical university in Kyrgyzstan is now available for Pakistani students.


          Many of the qualified students who wish to become a physician or a doctor in USA lack sufficient budget. FlyUp Consultants is the largest company recruiting Pakistani students for MBBS in USA program. Every year, we place around 200 Pakistani students for USA. However, there is a bigger lot of Pakistani students who wish to become doctor and practice in USA. We have this alternative route for them. Now, the students can learn MBBS in Russia and start preparing for USMLE Step 1 exam coaching online & USMLE step 2 CK online coaching during their MBBS abroad studies. The USMLE step 1 coaching guide will consist of various materials:


          The biggest benefits of completing MD / MS in USA is that you do not have to write PMDC Screening Test before or after MBBS in abroad. It means, on completion of MBBS in China, you can go for PG level (MD / MS) in USA without clearing PMDC Test. The PG degree completed in USA would be valid in Pakistan as well as USA. Also, all the money that you spent while doing MBBS would be paid back by way of a monthly stipend (USD 4,200 Approx.) while pursuing Medicine in America!


          Once you complete the MBBS in Russia, FlyUp Consultants can place you for your Post graduation in medicine in Germany. When you apply for this university, you may call on 03004888642 to understand your complete roadmap till MD / MS degree.
          Students who get admission into a good medical university in Kyrgyzstan which come under the top 10 MBBS colleges in Kyrgyzstan reap the benefit throughout their life. MD in Kyrgyzstan after MBBS is a good option but Pakistani students generally go for their medical PG in Germany after MBBS in Kyrgyzstan . MBBS admission 2018 in Kyrgyzstan has been made direct, simpler and a more systematic system.

          SERVICE / CONSULTANCY CHARGES OF FlyUp Consultants .

          We are a top overseas education consultant in Pakistan for MBBS with Head office in Mumbai. FlyUp Consultants has been successfully placing Pakistani students for Admission to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. As an official representative of many low fees medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan in Pakistan, you get the benefit of on line direct Admission System. Till now, 350 students for MBBS abroad programs have been placed by successfully. The Pakistani students can apply directly to FlyUp Consultants or its network of Premium Partner. It would give the Pakistani students a chance to get an honest guideline to select the right university suitable for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

          Low Fees MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students 2019

          Gaining in popularity among Pakistani students, Kyrgyzstan can be an excellent destination for pursuing a medical education. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a fabulous option for those who want to obtain a globally recognized degree at the cost as low as 15 lakhs INR. Isn’t it surprising?
          Where private medical colleges in Pakistan charge you millions (from 50 lakh to 1.5 Crore INR),
          MBBS universities in Kyrgyzstan give you the opportunity to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan within
          Rs. 15 to 20 Lakh. And, it is not only the cost that makes MBBS in Kyrgyzstan a top choice, but
          the state-of-the-art infrastructure, pleasant environment, prominent faculty members and 7
          globally and PMDC-recognized MBBS universities in Kyrgyzstan are only a few of many reasons
          that draw in overseas students.
          Also, you won’t have to appear in any entrance test for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan if you
          want to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Complete 10+2 with 50% aggregate in PCB and you are
          eligible for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan. The admission process for MBBS course in
          Kyrgyzstan is straightforward, and English is the medium of instruction. If you have made your
          mind to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, our experts at FlyUp can guide you through, from
          picking the best university to MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan.

          Medical Universities for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2019

          1. Osh State University, Medical Faculty
          2. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
          3. International School of Medicine, BISHKEK
          4. Jalal-Abad State University, Jalal-Abad
          5. Asian Medical Institute, KANT
          6. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
          7. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

          Duration of Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

          When it comes to the term for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you will need a span of 6-years to
          complete the course. For the first five years, you will be given theoretical knowledge of the
          medical field while the last 1-year is fixed for the internship program in a hospital affiliated to
          your university.
          Eligibility for MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan
          You are perfectly fit for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan if you fulfill the following
          You must have completed 17 years of age.
          You must not be above 25 years.
          You must have obtained 55% marks in 10+2 (45% for SC/ST/OBC candidates)
          You must have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects at +2 levels.
          You must have passed the NEET exam.

          Intake for MBBS Studies in Kyrgyzstan

          The session for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan begins in September. Therefore, it’s better to start the
          application procedure well before two months of the commencement of the course. When
          choosing the top-notch universities and filling in the application form, you may seek guidance
          from a renowned and reliable overseas education consultant.

          Language of Instruction

          In PMDC-approved medical universities in Kyrgyzstan, the medium of teaching is English.
          However, international students are also taught the local language so that they can
          communicate better with the patients during the internship.

          Required Documents for Studies MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

          1. A minimum of 50 % marks in twelth grade (10+2) with Physics, Chemistry or Biology
          2. Substantial Passport
          3. Welcome Letter from the respective University
          4. Affirmation Letter for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
          5. Student Visa is required for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
          6. Expenses for the Academic year
          7. 20 travel permit measure photographs.
          8. Flight ticket To and Fro.
          9. Money related status of Guardians record.

          Admission Procedure for MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan

          We have made it easy for you by deconstructing the application process step-wise to
          help you achieve your dream of becoming a Doctor:

          • Fill the application form/or get it filled by us online.
          • Submit the scanned copies of your passport and other necessary documents to the
          • prospective Universities through the online admission portal.
          • Collect the admission letter from the University (Within 10 working days) through their
          • online admission portal.
          • After the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure will begin.
          • Once you receive the invitation letter from the University please visit the Embassy of Kyrgyz
          • Republic (within one month).

          Examine, Assess and Validate every document before applying for a visa.

          Reasons to Apply MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani students ?

          Studying MBBS/MD in Kyrgyzstan is a decent alternative in light of the fact that here students
          can get a quality medical education requiring little to no effort. There is no placement test and
          no donation for MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan. A degree of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a world
          level degree and it is approved by World Health Organization (WHO), Medical 

          Here are a few focuses concerning for what reason should you go for Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

          1. Easy student visa application process for MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan
          2. No Entrance Test is required for MBBS from Kyrgyzstan
          3. No Donation for admission during MBBS program in Kyrgyzstan
          4. Low fee
          5. Premier Universities and Ranked the Best in the country
          6. International Degree: Recognized by WHO, Medical Council of Pakistan,
          7. Entire education of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is in English Medium.
          8. Recognized by International Association of Universities,
          9. Medical Council of over 180 countries
          10. Get High-Quality Education during MBBS from Kyrgyzstan.
          11. Only 10 students will be allowed per class.
          12. Individual attention guaranteed.
          13. PMDC Recognized: Eligible for Govt. Jobs and PG Courses in Pakistan

          Advantages of Studying Medicine in Kyrgyzstan

          1. No Donation
          The MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan is offered to Pakistani students at the first expense according to
          the standards of the University. No donation is to be paid for affirmation in any course of
          MBBS/MD in Kyrgyzstan.
          2. Hostel Facility
          A different in-grounds inn is accessible for Pakistani students during Medical education in
          Kyrgyzstan. There is a separate hostel for boys and girls with free laundry services during their
          MBBS/MD in Kyrgyzstan.
          3. No Entrance Exam
          Every single Pakistani student gets immediate affirmation for MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan. No
          student is required to pass any selection test for examining MBBS Kyrgyzstan or amid your
          medical studies in Kyrgyzstan.
          4. Pakistani Food
          You will get Pakistani nourishment cooked by Pakistani gourmet specialists at the hostel campus.
          You will get dishes, for example, dal, chapatti, rice, and so forth. Both veg and non-veg food
          will be provided by the university hostel chef.
          5. PMDC Recognized
          Every single MBBS university in Kyrgyzstan where Pakistani students are offered confirmation is
          approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and MBBS Council of Pakistan (PMDC).
          6. FMGE/PMDC Coaching
          You can take PMDC Screening Test training while at the same time contemplating MBBS in
          Kyrgyzstan. Teachers from Pakistan will take the classes.
          7. Medium of Language – English
          MBBS courses in Kyrgyzstan are held in English medium with the objective that Pakistani
          students don’t go up against any issue when appearing for PMDC screening test. English classes
          are accessible for students.
          8. World Class Education
          The focus during MBBS from Kyrgyzstan is given to both hypothesis and practical. Last year of
          the MBBS course is the clinical rotation for the students. Education is keeping pace with
          European standards.

          MBBS Fees in Kyrgyzstan 2019/2020

          Kyrgyzstan, popularly known for its 99% literacy rate, focused highly on quality of education
          than any other impressing factor. They believe in providing high-class educational structure
          strictly focussing on quality and maintaining medical standards impressively by keeping most
          of the medical universities under public control so that it can be easily affordable to every
          student. Medical education is known for its toughness and expensiveness in nature, but
          medical universities in Kyrgyzstan make this statement about MBBS education simpler and
          reachable to every deserving candidate. You can simply check the fee structure of top medical
          universities of Kyrgyzstan listed below-

          MBBS Fees in Kyrgyzstan Universities 2019/20

          First Semester 3400$ 
          From Second Semester to 10th Semester 1900$

          Accommodation Fees Per Semester= 300$
          Mess Per semester= 500$

          Disadvantages of Studying Medicine in Kyrgyzstan

          1. It isn’t a simple procedure to getting MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan. You need to apply for
          the correct college, secure a seat, get an instructive credit, orchestrate travel and visa and
          afterwards arrange for accommodation too. It isn’t workable for students to cover every
          one of these perspectives all alone. Along these lines, it is a need for them to get the
          assistance of a consultant for seeking after MBBS Kyrgyzstan.
          2. When you have concluded that you need to get confirmation in MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you
          should make a point to get a seat at Kyrgyz University before the due date which is July
          31st for a large portion of them. As a rule, the students wait for the NEET exam which takes
          place in August mid or September first week. This makes it unthinkable for them to apply
          for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan on the off chance that they don’t get a seat. In this manner on the
          off chance that you need to think about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you ought to apply already.
          3. The education consultant for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan ought to educate the students about the
          expense structure, living charges, settlement charges, nourishment charges and so forth in
          detail to prospective students for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. The majority of them neglect to
          reveal to them the extra cost which makes a ton of issue in the later stages.

          Pakistani Students During MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

          Kyrgyzstan Is among those nations which are one of the best decision by Pakistani students
          therefore as of now 5000 Pakistani students are studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is the
          capital of Kyrgyzstan and there itself 3 universities align, other than of this 1000 of students
          dwell there and pursue their fantasy. You don’t need to confront any sort of issue there
          related with neighbourhood individuals or whatever because there in each university they get
          classes of local dialects like Russian. In fact in the college hostels Pakistani festivals like Holi and
          Deepawali are celebrated there as well, so student’s pleasure continuously lead here. They get
          much cooperative faculty and support seniors so in any regard they generally get support
          there. There all the Pakistani students live in solidarity and help each other as well.They likewise
          take theupside of PMDC classes there at the University.
          At last students are protected and happy there in each regard. There is an enormous number
          of students who are living their dream of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. In reality, Kyrgyzstan is among
          those nations who provide MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at the least expensive rate. As a matter of fact,
          Kyrgyzstan is one of those nations whose charges are reasonable for Pakistani students. What’s
          more, the colleges are PMDC affirmed. Also, Pakistani students get all the practical learning as well
          and in addition, it is among the most secure city.

          Admission Deadline for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

          In accordance with taking MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan, students need to go through some
          procedure. First and foremost thing is the booking of a seat which you need to do in the
          period of July. For example, it takes roughly 10 weeks for the endorsement of your application
          by the MBBS college of Kyrgyzstan. The classes are prepared to run by the end of August as
          well. In the meantime, students may book their seats later if the seats are available. Personally,
          the students can effectively get their classes on time who book their seat early.

          MBBS Syllabus in Kyrgyzstan

          The syllabus of MBBS – educated fundamentally in two parts.As a matter of first important
          part incorporates the essential learning. After all, the second part contains giving higher
          abilities and preparing the students to be fit in other medical practices including diagnosis
          and treatments. In this way, the syllabus involves add up to nine semesters covered in 4 years
          and 5 month which is of around 6 years. And at last students need to go under internship to
          gather profitable encounters which are of one year subsequently the students who need to go
          under PMDC Screening test. No doubt they get propel benefit of being here, in the regard of the

          Furthermost there are 18 subjects mentioned below:

          Anatomy ENT
          Biochemistry Medicine Anaesthesia
          Forensic and toxicology Paediatrics
          Ophthalmology Psychiatry
          Pathology Surgery Orthopaedics
          Pharmacology Gynaecology
          Physiology PSM Radiology

          About Kyrgyzstan

          Kyrgyzstan is a central Asian nation, north of Pakistan. Students who wish to think about in an
          adjacent nation at low expenses can study MBBS program in Kyrgyzstan as it is just a 3 hours
          flight far from Delhi. The capital city of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek where the greater part of the
          universities are found where Global MBBS Foundation is giving affirmation in.
          The number of inhabitants in the nation is around 57 lakh individuals with Russian and Kyrgyz
          as the official dialects. Students are instructed these 2 dialects in the first year while the inclass
          medium of training in English as it were. Asian MBBS Institute gives English classes too to
          students who are powerless in the dialect.
          Currency of Kyrgyzstan
          Som is the Currency in Kyrgyzstan and as on Jan 2018, 1 Som = 0.91 INR that make MBBS
          from Kyrgyzstan easy on the budget of the MBBS students.
          Religion in Kyrgysztan
          The majority of the population in Kyrgyzstan are Muslims. To be precise 86.3% of the country’s
          population are followers of Islam.
          Muslims in Kyrgyzstan usually belong to the Sunni branch, which entered the region during
          the 18thcentury, though there are some Ahmadi Muslims as well.
          Climatic Conditions
          The majority of the nation is canvassed in mountains. In winters, the temperature ranges
          around – 5 to – 10 °C and it is around 25 °C in summer. The nation is otherwise called ‘The real
          Switzerland of Central Asia’ as a result of its regular excellence.
          Safety of International Students in Kyrgyzstan
          In any case to the state, it is a high-need choice point for the students and their family’s
          viewpoint. It is ok for students to consider MBBS in nations like the Kyrgyzstan, Russia or
          Ukraine. The students can take help from fellow Pakistani students in most cases. Most
          universities have Foreign Student Associations set up to deal with the interests of these
          students. The campus and hostels are ok for students. There is no segregation in these
          nations. The students are more secure considering MBBS in abroad than what they are in
          Living Expenses in Kyrgyzstan
          In interim Kyrgyzstan is a standout amongst the most prominent decision for Pakistani students
          in regard to moderate charges and study quality. At the same time student additionally,
          consider everyday costs. Therefore it differs likewise to the students. For example: If a student
          lives near to his/her college the vehicle charge can be overseen. In fact, transport cost may be
          costly. On the other hand, students can deal with their costs by adopting some different ways.
          Moreover alluding to second-hand bookshops as opposed to grasping first-hand books.
          Furthermore on the off chance that we consider general costs than every month living cost
          has a tendency to be around $ 100-150 including all accommodation.
          In conclusion, it is absolutely subordinate on the student’s way of life and their decision of
          living facilities and accommodation.
          Now, a hostel includes all the student needs. In any case, it contains a room giving all the
          necessities like a bed, cover, sleeping pad, cushion and furniture and so on. Also, it gives
          laundry services as well. Then again food quality is solely Pakistani. What’s more, the cooks are
          Pakistani in the mess. In fact, students get 3 times meal i.e. breakfast, lunch and supper.
          Cost of Living in Kyrgyzstan
          Particulars SOM Rs.
          Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) 225SOM Rs. 195
          Boneless chicken breast (500g) 215SOM Rs.198
          Ophthalmology Psychiatry
          Whole fat milk (1 lit) 58SOM Rs.53.36
          12 Eggs, large 94SOM Rs.87
          Tomatoes 1kg 62SOM Rs.57.04
          Potatoes 1kg 26SOM Rs.24
          Prepaid mobile tariff per min. 3.31SOM Rs.3.05
          Movies per ticket 247 SOM Rs.227.24
          Bread for 2 people in 1 day 24 Som Rs. 22.08
          Standard men’s haircut in expat area of city 297 SOM Rs.274

          FAQs for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

          Q1. What are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in the Kyrgyz Republic?
          Ans. If you fulfil the following criteria then you are eligible to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan,
          (a) If you have attained least 17 years of age at the time of Admission for Medicine course in
          (b) If you have passed 10+2 exam from an accredited board/committee in Pakistan or abroad
          with Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English as a subject. You should have Scored least half of
          total in PCB (40% normal in PCB for ST/SC and OBC competitor).
          Q2. Can a student practice medicine in Pakistan after their course in MBBS from the Kyrgyz Republic, Old Russia? Can he/she apply for a Government Job in Pakistan?
          Ans. Indeed! According to the rules and regulations of Medical Council of Pakistan (PMDC), you can rehearse in Pakistan or you can apply for Government Job or P.G. course in Govt. MBBS Colleges in Pakistan. After Completion of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, you need to show up for a “Screening Test” organized by the National Board of Education, New Delhi. On clearing this test you have to enlist with the Medical Council of Pakistan (PMDC). Once you do this you will get an enrollment number which will allow you to practice medicine in Pakistan or will allow you to apply for a Govt.
          Occupation or pursue a P.G. Course in a Govt. Medical College in Pakistan.
          Q3. Do any Pakistani professors teach there?
          Ans. Yes!! A considerable measure of outside educators instructs there. Many of them are from
          Pakistan, USA, and Nepal.
          Q4. Can a student do a part-time job during their MBBS
          Ans. As per the law of Russian Federation for foreigners in their study period students can’t do
          a part-time job. But in vacation time if a student has a work permit from the Immigration
          Department, they can work part-time.

          Please Note – Before you start your MBBS course in any country you must verify the
          status of the University. The Medical University or the degree provided by the University
          should be approved by the PMDC or the Pakistani Embassy in that particular country.

          Our Services

          We also offer the following services for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan :

          • We provide students with reliable and authentic study notes and FMGE Test Series to
          • ensure that students get success in the Test.
          • When it comes to educational counselling for MBBS abroad, we are the best in the industry.
          • Through our in-depth knowledge, extensive research and expertise, we help you get the
          • best in class education at the top-notch medical universities for Pakistani students in
          • Kyrgyzstan .
          • We also offer university selection guidance to help you pick from a list of cost-effective and
          • leading universities in Kyrgyzstan for MBBS.
          • Get assurance for successful MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan in top-ranked, PMDC recognised
          • MBBS Colleges in Kyrgyzstan .
          • We help you with the documentation and VISA application like stamping from Embassy &
          • Ministry along with translating academic documents and notarisation. Get zero rejection of
          • VISA issuance.
          • FlyUp Consultants arranges safe travel coupled with travel insurance and
          • appropriate accommodation abroad.
          • We also provide education counselling services to those who have completed their MBBS
          • Degree in Kyrgyzstan or elsewhere and are willing to continue their Post-Graduation
          • program in medicine.
          • We give you complete information on PG programs in Medicine offered by different
          • medical universities in the world.

          We at FlyUp Consultants focus on being your trusted ally for your admission
          related queries on obtaining an MBBS degree in Abroad. We are pleased to inform you
          that we are the authorized representatives of PMDC Approved MBBS Universities in Kyrgyzstan for medical aspirants belonging to any of the above mentioned nations for the year 2019-20.

          Why Choose Us for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan ?

          There are plenty of reasons that make us one of the most reliable study-abroad consultants in
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          MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and many other countries across the globe.

          Benefits you get with FlyUp  Consultants include:

          • Complete and comprehensive study abroad consulting under one roof
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          We take pride in serving more than 500 Pakistani students and sending them to the
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          in abroad, FlyUp Consultants is there for you with the complete solution. If you
          are an aspiring candidate seeking MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan in top medical
          university in Kyrgyzstan or any other country and belong to countries like Pakistan, Nepal,
          Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Iran, Malaysia, Israel, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, other Arab
          Countries, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia along with Singapore, Turkey,
          Zambia, South Africa, other African Countries, Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya,
          Ghana and Zimbabwe, then feel free to contact us to clear your doubts about studying
          MBBS abroad.
          Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students

          Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan & advantages    |   For Admissions Contact us: +92-300-4888642

          WHO Recognized , 1800 + Foreign Students studying in MD/MBBS in English

          Kyrgyzstan is a well known destination for Medical study in English Medium. Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia and its borders are shared with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan & China. Bishkek is the Capital city of Kyrgyzstan. There are many well-known, highly ranked and reputed universities in Kyrgyzstan which are offering MBBS & MD to international students from all over the world. Best Advantage of studying MD (doctor of Medicine) in Kyrgyzstan is the affordable cost of education with lowest tuition fee and low cost hostel & living for international students. Student can Pay the Tuition & Hostel Fee Semester wise (Per Semester = 6 months). Every year 10,000+ international students are coming in Kyrgyzstan for MBBS/MD study from the different countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Africa, USA, UK and others. ( ایم بی بی ایس – ایم ڈی ان کرغستان – پاکستا نی اور انٹر نیشنل (دولي) سٹوڈنٹس کےلیے )
          Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani StudentsEligibility Criteria : Students having Minimum 50% Marks in HSSC/Fsc/Grade 10+2 or A-Levels are eligible.
          Duration of MBBS/MD Course is 06 years in Kyrgyzstan for international students .
           The Syllabus in Kyrgyzstan medical universities are same as according to the Pakistani & Indian medical colleges. Universities are WHO Recognized and students graduated from Kyrgyzstan with MBBS/MD Degree are qualified for ECFMG & other international certifications. As an essential part of Medical education , universities are providing good practical facilities so that they can test their knowledge about medicine & body complex issues. After the 6th Semester of Medical study in Kyrgyzstan , students goes to the hospitals and practice under the supervision of senior doctors. Most of the Kyrgyzstan universities arranged foreign teachers from Pakistan, India, Nepal to deliver the medical lectures in English.
          Living Expenses & Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan : In Bishkek or any other city of Kyrgyzstan living cost is comparatively low & affordable as compared to other counties. Even in Bishkek (Capital) the living cost per month for international students are about 150 U$D to 200 U$D per month. But if student wants to stay in Campus it is much economical for international students. In Campus Hostels are Furnished, Secure & Separate hostels for female students wishing to study in Kyrgyzstan. Indian & Halal food easily available in Campus, also in some universities there is Indian/Muslim Mess for the students.

          Required documents, Eligibility and Admission Process for MBBS/MD in Kyrgyzstan :

          Students must have Minimum 60% Marks in HSSC/O-levels with Medical Subjects. Admission Process is almost same for all the Kyrgyz universities for international students. Universities issues the admission letter in normally 5-7 working days and after admission confirmation letter students need to pay 300$-350$ for the Invitation Visa letter by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Visa invitation letter by Foreign Ministry takes 20-30 days normally. Usually Kyrgyz Universities are accepting international students for MBBS/MD degree program 2 times in one year, Fall & Spring intake or you can say September and January/February/March intake, but if the seats filled timely , Universities only accepts the applications for September intake. MBBS/MD students arrival time in Kyrgyzstan is October or November & classes starts soon after the deadline of registration.
          For applying the Invitation letter students needs to complete the following documents mentioned below :
          1. Passport first page Scan
          2. SSC / O Levels Document
          3. HSSC / Intermediate or A Levels Document
          4. Police Clearance Report
          5. Medical Check up Report
          6. Fresh photo with white back ground
          Note : All these documents must be in Scanned properly by the scanner machine , not by the mobile scanner.

          More universities for MBBS/MD in Kyrgyzstan with their fee structures for 2019 intake :

          Asian Medical Institute :

          Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students

          S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute , Kant is the leading higher medical institution of the Kyrgyz Republic founded in 2004. Asian Medical Institute was established with the official license by the ministry of education and ministry of health of Kyrgyz Republic as Registration number 1-184. AMI is enlisted in world directory of medical schools published by WHO. Asian Medical Institute is aimed to teach medical education for foreign citizens from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh & other nationalities entirely in English Language, that’s why the selection of faculty has been made on the basis of highly English speaking doctors from different countries that meet the educational requirements of students from any country according to their choice knowledge. Asian Medical Institute offering MD Program Duration (06 years) & MBBS Program Duration (05 years) & Both programs are running successfully.
          The faculty staff uses modern teaching technologies. Their teaching method is based on interactive and critical thinking activities that help the students to learn successfully and achieve good results. On contract basis every year AMI also invites the special team of doctors from USA, UK and Europe to deliver lectures and research medical education. The Medical Council of India, Nepal, Pakistan, The Great Britain, USA and others will recognize the diplomas of AMI. Asian Medical Institute is recognized by more organizations than any other medical institute of Kyrgyz Republic. Asian Medical Institute is actively working to make new contacts with the medical universities of USA, UK, Europe and others. According to WHO experts, Kyrgyzstan has achieved a lot more in the field of health care system as opposed to its counterparts. In Short, Asian Medical Institute is the best choice for Pakistani , Indians , Nepali & other international students for medical study in Kyrgyz Republic. There are doctors & candidates of medical science participating in the training process. combination of utilization of modern training programs, technical material base, new training technologies and qualified teachers promotes the improvement of training quality.Students will be taught not only in clinical bases in Kant, but also in Bishkek, capital city. Many republican medical institutions and scientific centers are the clinical bases of Asian Medical Institute.Institute’s departments will be working out both the fundamental and applied research problems on medicine priority direction.
          Asian Medical Institute issues the admission letter in normally 3-5 working days  and after admission confirmation letter students need to pay 300$-350$ to the agent for the Invitation Visa letter by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Visa invitation letter by Foreign Ministry takes 20-30 days normally. ASMI accepting international students for MBBS/MD degree program 2 times in one year, Fall & Spring intake or you can say September and January/February/March intake, but if the seats filled timely , Asian Medical Institute will only accepts the applications for September intake. MBBS/MD students arrival time in ASIAN MEDICAL INSTITUTE  is October or November & classes starts soon after the deadline of registration.

          Affiliated Hospitals of Asian Medical University areStudy MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students
          1. Issyk-Ata Region Hospital
          2. Traumatology and orthopaedic hospital #4
          3. Issy-Ata central hospital
          4. Alamadin hospital
          5. City clinical hospital #6
          6. Department forensic Medicine
          7. Surgical hospital #1
          8. Surgical hospital Mamakeeva
          9. Obs & Gyneacolgical hospital #2
          10. Tentishev Memorial polyclinic

          Details of Asian Medical University ASMI :

          1. Lowest & affordable fee schedule for MBBS program in Kyrgyzstan.
          2. More than 1800 foreign students from different nationalities (Pakistan ,India, Nepal & others) are studying MBBS & MD.
          3. 05 Foreign student’s batches from Asian Medical Institute are graduated .
          4. MD’s Course Duration is 06 years including 1 year of Clinical Internship (5+1).
          5. Asian Medical College Kyrgyzstan have 04 affiliated hospitals.
          6. The degree is accordance to PM&DC/WHO/MCI guidelines & degree is equivalent to Medical graduates of WHO.

          MBBS/MD Lowest Fee Structure in Kyrgyzstan offered by Asian Medical Institute, 2018-2019 :

          • Fee Package for 6 years MBBS/MD Degree in Asian Medical Institute.
          Duration of MD Degree in Asian Medical Institute : 6 years Including internship , English Medium 
          Application Fee with documents  = 250 U$D
          1st year
          2nd year to 6th Per Year
          Tuition Fee
          2,000 U$D
          2000 U$D
          Hostel Fee
          400 U$D
          400 U$D
          Admission & Management Charges
          900 U$D
          Registration, Residence Permit, Medical check, Insurance etc.
          400 U$D
          *Depends on actual cost
          Total in U$D
          3700 U$D
          2400 U$D
          • Attention :
            • Those applicants wants to apply for 5 years MBBS degree in ASMI :
              First year Package will be 4600 U$D & 2nd year to 5th year it will be 3600 U$D every year.
            • Note : Student can Pay the Tuition & Hostel Fee Per Semester in ASMI.
          Important Notes :
          1. Student will pay Embassy Fee approx 60 U$D – 160 U$D by themselves.
          2. Student will afford the Air-ticket , food expenses , stationary by themselves.
          3. Student will pay the Residence Permit fee & insurance fee from 2nd year to onward by themselves.
          4. Student will follow the policies & rules of College & Education Department of Kyrgyzstan.

          KIGMA , Kyrgyz State Medical University (IMI-KSMA)

          Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. IK Akhunbaeva is a leading Government Medical university in the Kyrgyz Republic. KGMA prepares specialists of the highest medical and pharmaceutical profile. Employees of the Academy are scientists, known in Kyrgyzstan and beyond. The Academy has successfully celebrated its 70th anniversary and is entering a new decade of its activity.
          The mission of KSMA is satisfaction of students’ needs for quality education; training of specialists in accordance with international standards; & satisfaction of the needs of the state and society in providing highly qualified specialists.
          On April 16, 1939 was accepted the Resolution of Council of People’s Commissars of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic which first point said “To open since September 1, 1939 in the city of Frunze the Kyrgyz State medical institute, with admission on 1st course of 200 people of students”. The base of the higher medical school was put by professors and teachers from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kharkov and Kiev. In 1943 took place the first graduation of students of Medical institute – 120 doctors. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students IK Akhunbaeva is the leader of medical education in the Kyrgyz Republic and the most dynamically developing university in Central Asia. In KSMA there are 526 teachers, including 86 professors and doctors of medical sciences, 315 candidates of medical sciences and associate professors. We have more than 10,000 students-citizens of Kyrgyzstan, CIS countries and 25 foreign countries mainly from India , Pakistan , Russia , Nepal , Bangladesh , Africa & other Arabic countries. MD/MBBS Training is conducted in Russian and English.The main tasks of KSMA: Satisfaction of the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural and moral development through the acquisition of secondary professional, higher, secondary and post-university professional medical education on the basis of the inseparable unity of the educational process, research and clinical work, fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of medicine and related sciences. The Academy trains doctors for the countries of the far and near abroad. The Charter of KSMA named after. IK Akhunbaeva ; In connection with the changes in the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education” of April 30, 2003 No. 92, the relevant amendments were made to the Charter of the KSMA named after. IK Akhunbaeva. The Charter of KSMA named after. IK Akhunbayeva was approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic and on November 15, 2013 passed a state re-registration in Chui-Bishkek Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.

          Fee Structure 2018-2019 for MBBS/MD in KGMA , Kyrgyz State Medical University for Pakistani Students

          Duration of MD Degree in KIGMA : 06 years Including internship Application Fee with Documents = 250 U$D
          1st year
          2nd year to 5th Per Year
          Tuition Fee
          4,000 U$D
          4,000 U$D
          Hostel Fee
          Depends on Hostel
          Depends on Hostel
          Admission & Management Charges
          2000 U$D
          Registration, Residence Permit, Medical check, Insurance etc.
          400 U$D
          Depends on actual cost
          Total in U$D
          6400 U$D
          4000 U$D
          Important Notes:
          1. Student will pay Embassy Fee approx 60 U$D – 160 U$D by themselves.
          2. Fee will be charged on Arrival at very first day in KIGMA University Kyrgyzstan.
          3. Student will pay hostel Fee 500$-600$ Separately & Student will follow the hostel availability & hostel fee policy of KIGMA.
          4. Student will afford the Air-ticket, food expenses, and stationary by themselves.
          5. Student will pay the Residence Permit fee & insurance fee from 2nd year to onward by themselves.
          6. Pakistani & Indian students will follow the rules & Regulations of PM&DC & MCI respectively.
          7. Student will follow the policies of College & Education Department of Kyrgyzstan.
          Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students MBBS Fee Structure
          MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
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