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How to Apply for MBBS in China Medical University for Pakistani students

Guide for Pakistani Students to Study MBBS in China

How to Apply for MBBS in China Medical University for Pakistani students

  1. Prepare for Application. Choose a Medical University. Check the Admission Requirements
  2. Apply for MBBS Program through FlyUp. Submit Application Documents. Get Admission Letter and JW202.
  3. Come to China and Study MBBS. Apply for the Visa to China.
  4. Medical Licensing Registration. Obtain the Eligibility Certificate.

Why Study MBBS in China for Pakistani students?
  • Degree Recognized by WHO and PMDC;
  • Completely English Medium Instruction;
  • Lower Tuition Fee as low as 20,000 RMB / year;
  • Lower Admission Requirements;
  • High Quality Teaching Team with Study Abroad Experience;
  • Easy to apply for visa to China;

Steps for Pakistani Students to Study MBBS in China

  1. Choose a Medical University
  2. Check the Admission Requirements
  3. View the list of medical universities recognized by PMDC and WHO and compare their reputation, teaching quality, tuition fee, affiliated hospitals etc
  4. Basically graduate of HSC/FSc/A Level or equivalent with no less than 60% scores in science subjects

Apply for MBBS Program through FlyUp Consultants
  • Submit Application Documents at
  • Get Admission Letter and JW202
  • Receive the admission package delivered through DHL from Flyup Consultants

China Student Visa Application for Pakistan Students

Chinese Mainland Visa
A Chinese mainland visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to foreigners for entry into, exit from or transit through the mainland of China. Chinese Mainland Visa breaks into 4 categories: Diplomatic, Courtesy, Official and Ordinary visas. The international students who will study in China should apply for the X Visa (Student) of the ordinary visa. In case those who apply for the program out of deadline and the university promised to help you change your L Visa to X Visa after registration, students can apply for L Visa (Tourism/Family Visit) first.
How to Apply for Chinese Mainland Visa
Diplomatic passport holders of Pakistan are exempted from visa and may stay up to 30 days in the mainland of China. Official passport holders of Pakistan are exempted from visa and may stay up to 30 days in the mainland of China.
When applying for a Chinese mainland visa, you should basically submit:
1. Duly completed Visa Application Form (can be downloaded from this website), affix one recent color photo (30mm X 40mm).
2. Original passport with a validity of more than 6 months and minimum 2 blank visa pages, and photocopies of the first 2 pages (personal information) of your passport and recent Chinese visas if any.
3. If it is your first visit to China, you should provide your local police character/clearance certificate.
In addition to the above, please prepare following documents when applying for a different type of visa:
L Visa (Tourism/Family Visit)
Foreign nationals for tourism or family visit should guarantee their expenses in China. You should submit:
1. Your bank statement and round-trip tickets;
2. Invitation letter from your direct relative to visit;
3. Marriage certificate or relationship documents (original and photocopy attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad);
4. Inviter's photocopy of identity documents such as passport, identity card or residence booklet, etc.
For tourism in China, Pakistani nationals are encouraged to join a tourist group (more than 5 people), which should be arranged through a qualified local travel agency.
X Visa (Student)
1. Student Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW 202 or JW201, original and photocopy);
2. Admission Letter from your perspective university;
3. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad. Blank form can be downloaded from this website);
4. Mark sheet/diploma (original and photocopy).
1. Generally applicants should appear in person with required documents, and may answer questions from the visa officer.
2. The visa officer can deny visa application running counter to Chinese laws and regulations, and has the right to change and cancel the issued visas.
3. New visa application form (Form V.2011A/B) should be used (downloadable from this website). The old visa application form will NOT be acceptable after 1 July 2011.
Visa Processing and fees
Diplomatic and Official passport holders of the third countries as well as Pakistani ordinary passport holders are exempted from visa fees.
Visa processing normally takes 4 working days. Express service takes 2 to 3 working days, and rush service means same day pickup.
Visa fees for U.S. ordinary passport holders:
1. Single/Double/Multiple Entries: Rs.10,400
2. Group Visa: Rs. 8, 000 per capita
Visa fees for other countries' ordinary passport holders:
1. Single Entry: Rs.2,000
2. Double Entries: Rs.3, 000
3. 6-Month Multiple Entries: Rs.4, 000
4. 12-Month Multiple Entries: Rs.5, 000
5. Group Visa: Rs.1, 600 per capita
Rush and Express Service Fees:
1. Rush Service (same day pickup): Rs. 2,000
2. Express Service (less than 4 working days):Rs.1,400
Study MBBS in China

  • 1 MBBS course study (4-5years)
  • 2 Do internship in China or your home country in the last year of study; ( 1 year)
  • 3 Take the final examination on Theory Test and Clinical Evaluation before graduation;
  • 4 Get the diploma and MBBS degree.

Doing Internship in China or Abroad

Internship in China  Apply for MBBS in ChinaWhen international students considering to China to continue further education with their medical studies, some of them will wonder that where they can do the internship after theoretical study. Generally, all the accredited medical universities which offer English medium MBBS program allow students to do the internship both in China and their home country according the regulation of MOE (China Ministry of Education). Students have the option to choose the practice location.
In order to provide individual unique opportunities to better understand China and practice the Chinese language communication skill, most of universities will suggest students to stay in China and finish their internship in the school affiliated hospitals. An internship in China is a life changing chance, exposing folks to a business surroundings and a culture far different from their own. Abroad China places each intern on an individual root and based on the intern's field Do Internship in China |  Apply for MBBS in Chinaof interest and qualifications. Furthermore, the universities have mature education curriculum and internship system with years' medical teaching experiences. The intern hospitals are well equipped which are all with Grade III, Level A and many of them have the world-class medical experimental instruments and laboratories. And there also are famous doctors and experts in medicine as students' personal advisor to conduct you to start the real medical exploration. Besides, the university will provide accommodation both on campus or near hospitals during the intern period. While, renting a house is also allowed near the hospital after signing a contact document with the school department.
To take part in a valuable professional experience, acquiring a unique knowledge of business and valuable understanding of China's market, China offers a unique chance for people from all over the world. Hence it provides some insight into the fastest rising economy in the world. There are plenty of reasons to come to China for an internship.
If students are persistent to do the internship in their home country, the designated hospital should be recognized by the Ministry of Health in their country. And the related proved documents about the hospital should be submitted to the school office, only being approved that students can be allowed to go back practice. However, the internship courses and procedures should keep pace with the school intern requirements. At the end of internship, students should go back the university with the internship certification and attend the graduation ceremony.

Here's How Pakistani Students Can Apply for MBBS in China

MBBS in China Video

A lot of Pakistani students wish to be a doctor, but the high merit of MDCAT and NUMS in Pakistan don't let their dreams come true.

You need to have high marks in matric, intermediate, and entry tests in order to get a seat among 3500+ seats whereas more than 55,000 students take the MDCAT Entry Test every year. 
It means the acceptance rate for becoming a doctor in Pakistan is only 8%. But it is the opposite for China - more than 92% acceptance rate for a Pakistani student. Great Na?

Your overall aggregate must be above 86% if you want to take admission in Pakistan, but for China, you can apply for MBBS even if you have 60%.

You might be thinking, are you serious 60%? What the heck!

Yes, it is true. For applying for MBBS in China, there is no entry test is needed.

Morever, doing MBBS in China is 50% more cheap as compared to Pakistan MBBS.

Here all your questions will be answered how to apply, what is the fees structure, the value of China degree all over the world etc.


 Apply for MBBS in China

Almost all the universities of China hire people from different countries. These people are called agents.

They help universities to select the students from the respective country. As far as I know, there is no university where you can apply for admission directly without involving an agent who is the in charge of admission from your country.

You do not need to worry about it, it is a normal thing. You just need to confirm that the person you have approached is authentic and real, and the university you're taking admission is not a fraud one.

You can ask others about his reputation or he has an agency or company then check its authenticity. You can apply through these agents and get admission in any Chinese Medical University.

Step 1 - Admission Letter and Student Visa Form:

Apply for admission letter and JW202 (Student Visa Form). In order to apply for these you need to provide scanned copy of the followings:
  • Front page of your passport 
  • Your passport size photograph 
  • Matric certificate and Detail marks sheet 
  • FSC certificate and detail marks sheet
You need the original admission letter and student visa form to apply for a visa in Chinese Embassy, so you can get these documents via DHL post.

These all the steps will be told by your agent.

Step 2 - PCC 

Apply for a Police Character Certificate. Yep, it seems strange, but you have to do it.

Step 3 - Attestation from Board and IBCC

You have to attest your matic and intermediate mark sheets (or certificates) from your board and attest from IBCC too.

Step 4 - Foreign Ministry Attestation

Now you have to attest the Police character certificate and other degrees from Foreign Ministery office.

Step 5 - Visa Application:

Things you need in embassy to apply for visa application:
  • Attested degrees 
  • Police character certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Original admission letter and JW202 form 
  • Affidavit from you father as an undertaking that he will provide the money for your education Bank statement of I think approximately 5 lakhs.

Step 6 - Ticket to China:

 Apply for MBBS in China

After getting the visa, you can buy a ticket for China.

Step 7 - Submit Fees:


Submit you fees when you reach the university.


There many Universities in China that are among the top 10 Universities of the world like Peking University and Fudan University.

Fudan University and other medical universities that provide admission foreigners students are registered and recognized with WHO (World Health Organization) and MOE (Ministry of Education) China. The MBBS degree of China has its own worth all across the globe

I have many doctor friends who graduated from China Medical University, now they are working in different countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

I have personally met doctors in Pakistan who did MBBS from China, and now they are working in many government and private sectors.


Of course, you have to take the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) test in order to start practicing in Pakistan after passing MBBS in China. It is not new. Every country has its own test for the students who pass MBBS in the respective country in which your knowledge of medical is tested. Even if you do MBBS in Pakistan, you have to take a test in the USA and China to start practicing.

You have to work hard in China, then you will face no problem in passing this text.


First-year fees include:
  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation fee/hostel fee
  • Insurance
  • Health checkup
  • Visa extension 
The total fees for first year in my university is approximately 5 lakh rupees.


In my university, there are total 70 Pakistani students. Among them, 40 students belong to my batch whereas 30 are senior to me. In the future batch, more than 45 students are coming from Pakistan.


No, foreign students can apply regardless of the nationality. And you don't have to take any kind of entrance exams while applying for admission in Chinese medical universities.

Secondly, there is no quota. You are known only by Pakistani, not Punjab, Sindhi, Baluchi, Pathan. You're just a Pakistani here.


Yes, obviously, learning medical knowledge is hard. Daily about 5 to 6 hours of self-study and on the exam days, we study normally 11-13 hours because there is a lot of stuff to go thorough during exams including books, videos, lectures notes and articles.


The behavior of Chinese people is excellent, they give you great respect.

They help you whenever need, they feel glad when a foreigner becomes their friend.

They support you, and help you getting settle here and also in learning Chinese language.

They do have friendly behavior, and if you need any guidance at shops, they guide you to a great extent.

So, I can say, they have great behaviors outside and inside of the university.


I got 943 marks in matric and 890 in F.Sc. I didn't repeat MDCAT and NUMS because when I observed the last year merit, I came to realize that I had to get 950+ marks in F.Sc and 1000 marks in MDCAT, then I could expect the admission in Pakistan medical college could be achieved otherwise not.

Then I saw the friends who got better marks than me, and repeated two times, they didn't get admission. I didn't want to waste time, and I knew the future merit would not be low.

Secondly, the fees of private medical college in Pakistan is high that my family couldn't afford.

After MDCAT, I became aware of MBBS in China; I taught it's a great opportunity. I decided rather to waste a year, I could do MBBS here.


I think a normal student can adjust in the Chinese environment without any worry. Chinese people have friendly behavior towards foreigners so I think he can easily adjust.
I have seen many friends who were not comfortable in the beginning, now they have more confident and got adjusted into the Chinese environment.


The major mistake that students make while taking admission in Chinese universities is that they do not do their own research about the university and do no look for the authenticity of these universities.

Many students take admission where agents want which I think is wrong.

Students themselves should research either the university is registered by WHO and MOE (Minister of Edcation), China.

Secondly, all the douches sent by the university to you or your agents should be real, and should be of the same university where you applied for.
Third, many agents say to many students that the fees of the first year should be deposited in Pakistan that I think they should not tell. You can pay the fees when you come to China and there is no issue carrying the money during travel unless you can look after it.

Last, whenever you take admission, keep an eye on the process of confirmation about everything.


The best way to check the authenticity of any Chinese MBBS university is to go to the official website of WHO (World Heath Organization), go to World Directory of Medical College, search for the name of the university, there you will inf basic information when it was founded, contact information, and course instructions.

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Answer: The acceptance rate of foreign students for MBBS in China is pretty high, that's why students who apply here there is a much higher chance they get admission.

The reason is that China is the biggest country in terms of population, and catering such high population, they have a lot of universities. 

So you can say there is no such thing as competition in China, and I can say, there is a 98 percent chance for getting admission in any field.


Students who are doing their F.Sc or preparing for MDCAT or the repeaters, they should work hard and try to get admission in Pakistan because no matters your country is always your country.

But if someone is unable to get admission in any medical college in Pakistan, then I think MBBS in China is the best opportunity for them as this is cheap, secure and they can come here for MBBS and BDS and can become the future MBBS and BDS doctors and dentists.

MBBS IN CHINA ADMISSIONS 2018 , Fee Structure & Procedure

MBBS IN CHINA 2018 is a prime choice & trending top due to its low cost study for international students furthermore the criteria for MBBS in China eligibility and MBBS in China Fee Structure also suits for students to study at WHO recognized Medical University in CHINA FOR MBBS. FlyUp Study In China(Officially Authorized Consultants for admitting students in China) is one of the top consultants for MBBS in China offers the information and recruitment of international students to Study English taught MBBS IN CHINA  in a most accurate, effective and safe way to students from different countries.

Inquire with FlyUp Study in China for further guidance on university selection,MBBS IN CHINA FEE STRUCTURE 2018 as well as MBBS application & admission processMBBS 2018 Applicants are welcomed to Apply for MBBS 2018 March & September 2018 MBBS admission in China.Check below ⇓⇓ for the List of Medical Universities in China approved by PAKISTAN Medical AND DENTAL Council PMDC, MCI , World Health Organization WHO and Ministry of Education, China MOE  where International students can study MBBS in English Medium. Graduates eligible for PMDC License, MCI, UK(PLAB) , USA (USMLE) , AMC (Australia) , CMC (Canada) , UAE, KSA etc Medical License after MBBS in China. For career after MBBS Graduates can also persue master , MD or speciliazation degree in their respective fields after MBBS in China.

MBBS IN CHINA BENEFITS - Pakistani Students

  • The Growing global economy of China increases the academic system of China. It has fascinated worldwide students from USA, UK, Australia, Russian federation, Asia, Italy, Malaysia and other developed countries.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani students Fee Structure is affordable compared to the amount of money students need to pay at Pakistan private medical colleges.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani students is a prime choice among Pakistani students who are unable to clear entrance exams for medical courses in Pakistan. Instead of opting for private medical colleges which can be in fact very expensive, choosing Chinese Medical Colleges will be wise .
  • More than 10,000 students go China every year from Pakistan to study. Fully equipped and modern classrooms
    High-tech labs and practical rooms for practice . Separate Hostels for Boys & Grils
  • Eligibilty criteria of MBBS in China is quite feasible with minimum 60% in F.Sc / A-Level under age 24 Years.
  • Average Min MBBS Tuition Fee + Hostel fee per year : 2800$ USD / Year. ranges from Apx 2800-$US – (2.8lac Rps per Year) , Fee payable after arrival at University in China. Yearly Fee to be paid at university office each year .
  • Average Min Cost of Total 5 Years of MBBS Study in China ranges from Apx 18,000-25000 $US /- (18lac-25lac Rps)
  • Quick admission and visa processing . Admission Notice in 2-3 days, No IELTS Required .
  • The Value of MBBS from China in Pakistan assures students future career security by Studying at any of the best MBBS college in China . Hence the admission for MBBS in China Recognized by PMDC AND WHO needs timely application with proper guidance to select medical university in China.
  • Completing medical study in China can offer extra points, when the student is seeking jobs that require international tasks. This way,students will get exposure to a global environment of studying without spending their life savings.
    China is among the two most powerful and advanced nations of the world.Needless to say,education is given great importance here and fields like medicine get focus.
  • STEP 1 ⇒ Registration with FlyUp for admission processing . Fill in the Application inquiry form, Submit Application Fee and attach relevant documents for eligibility confirmation of the relevant university ,
    Email admission documents at or Applicant can also submit documents at FlyUp Study In China Office.
  • STEP 2 ⇒ Once the eligibility is confirmed ,We do all the formalities and submit your Application to the admission committee for international students of university. Admission / acceptance letter is issued to the qualified applicants from the University in 30 days.
  • STEP 3 ⇒ Jw202 Visa Form (A form that is required by the embassy in your country for them to issue study visa to the student) . After you have received your Admission letter , Jw202 Visa is processed  , it takes usually takes 2-3 weeks for MOE (Ministry of Education, China) for the Jw202 visa to be issued . The whole admission process can take 2-3 weeks
  • STEP 4 ⇒ After Admission and Jw202 letter is issued to the qualified applicants from the University , FlyUp Study In China guides and assists in furnishing other documents for Study Visa and travel to CHINA . Applicant needs to appear in the Chinese Consulate/embassy to get study visa (X) stamped . This process takes 3-5 days . China University Host Admission Letter | Jw202 Visa Invitation Letter | Passport | Secondary school certificate and higher secondary school certificates | 5-Non–Criminal Certificate(Police Character Certificate)| 6-Physical Examination Form.
  • FINAL STEP ⇒ Once Study Visa is issued to the student , Visa and ticket travel arrangements are done and student is ready to FLY TO CHINA . Students usually travel in groups.
  • Payment Mode Information (Application , Registration Fee) :
    1-Applicant can submit at FlyUp Pakistan Office  ,
    2-Applicant can submit by Bank Transfer , Money Gram , EasyPaisa, Western Union .
  • University representative provide pick up at the Airport, manage hostel room in the university and give further instructions on registration , Residence permit Extension and Medical Insurance
  • FlyUp Study In China – also assists in initial settlement of student at the university in China , including accommodation | airport pick-up  | Food Arrangements | Opening local bank account in China | Sim Cards | Halal Food Arrangements | Jobs while studying Mbbs in China etc.

Q.1) What is the duration of Chinese MBBS course?
The duration of all MBBS courses in China universities is 6 Years that includes 1 Year of practical training or internship. If you do not want to do 1-year practical training in China, you can choose to do this training in Pakistan. You can also choose to do an internship in several affiliated hospitals in China or in different countries .
Q.2) Do Chinese MBBS Degrees have recognition in Pakistan?
Many approved Universities in China have recognition worldwide and is also recognised by PMDC . After passing the PMDC screening test, graduates in MBBS from these approved Universities are eligible to practice in Pakistan.
Q.3) What would be the career opportunities after doing MBBS in China?
MBBS Degree in China Approved by World Health Organization (WHO), IMED (International Medical Education Directory) , AVICENNA Listed . Graduates eligible for PMDC License . Furthermore eligible for UK(PLAB) , USA (USMLE) , AMC (Australia) , CMC (Canada) , UAE, KSA etc Medical License after MBBS in China. MBBS Graduates can also persue master or speciliazation in their respective fields. Once you clear the PMDC screening test and get your registration with the State or Central Medical Council, you are eligible for any Government appointment in Pakistan or China. You may also get an opportunity to work in other countries as Chinese MBBS degrees are recognised worldwide.
Q.4) What is PMDC Screening Test?
Students who intend to practice in Pakistan after completing MBBS in China required to appear for PMDC screening test to test their expertise and intelligence .
Q.5) How can FlyUp Study In China help me?
FlyUp Study In China incorporates proficient and experienced study abroad support advisers who can assist you in the admission process, Visa counselling, Scholarship opportunities, Travel arrangements and initial settlement of the student at university. FlyUp Consultants provides consultancy services to get admission in top medical universities for last 8 years.

Today, medical education in China has reached great heights. Every year we have large number of students from Pakistan, India , UAE, USA , Morroco , KSA, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia ,Europe and some other countries as well to study MBBS at renowned institutions in China .MBBS in China 2018 is a great choice considering the simple MBBS admission procedure and low cost MBBS University in China involved.

Min MBBS Fee Structure in China Tuition Fee + Hostel fee per year : 2800$ USD / Year.China MBBS fees structure are nothing compared to the amount of money students need to pay at Private medical colleges , The admission for MBBS in China Recognized by PMDC AND WHO needs timely application with proper guidance to select medical university in China . Also, due to less number of Seats now available for students and high demand already established, the eligibility to get admission to WHO Recognized MBBS in top China Medical Universities is as high as 70% .

Self-Finance MBBS Degree

1. Henan University of

 Science & Technology

 Apply for MBBS in China
Henan University of Science and Technology (HAUSTChinese河南科技大学pinyinHénán Kējì Dàxué) is a comprehensive teaching and research university which ranks top three in Henan Province. The university has 31 schools, 77 undergraduate programs, 156 Master degree programs and 25 Doctoral degree program covering science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, management science, literature, law, history, education and other 10 disciplines, with the MBA, Master of Engineering, Master of clinical Medicine, veterinary Medicine master's and professional master's degree in agricultural extension. It is granted the right to authorize a joint Ministry of Education to recruit, train units of doctoral students. The university is located in LuoyangHenan province, China.

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :

1st Year : 4800 USD incl. Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 16,000 CNY
Hostel : 4000 CNY

2. Hainan Medical University

China Medical University for Pakistani students
The current college was created in 1993 with the approval of the central government. In 1951, two private medical colleges were merged to form the Hainan Specialized Medical School. These two colleges were Haiqiang Medical Vocational School (created in 1947) and the Medical College of Hainan University (established in 1948).[2]
Mr. Tseven Soong was its first General Director of the Board, After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, this school was restructured as the Hainan Medical Vocational School and later became the Medical Department of Hainan University.[3]
In 1993, the college became the Hainan Medical College to reflect its specialization in medicine. In 1994, Hainan Medical College was accredited to offer bachelor's degrees and in 1996 was accredited for undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education.[4]
In 2000, the College established a new campus on Chengxi Road.

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :

1st Year : 4700 USD including Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 20,500 CNY
Hostel : 3600 CNY

3. University of South China

MBBS in China
The University of South China (formerly translated in Chinese as:Nanhua Daxue 南华大学) is a university in city HengyangHunan province, China. It was formed in 2000 by the merger of Central South Institute of Technology (est. 1959) and Hengyang Medical College (est. 1958). The University of South China, with a nationwide enrolment, is administered by the Hunan Provincial Government, and co-funded by the Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND) and a few other ministries of the central government.
In October 2002, University of South China incorporated the Sixth Institute of National Nuclear Industry as its subordinating part and took over No. 415 Hospital (originally under the Corporation of National Nuclear Industry) as one of its affiliated hospitals. In July 2004, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy set up a training base for its reservist officers in University of South China. The University of South China was initially authorized to award bachelor's degrees, and in 1986 began awarding master's degrees. In 1991, it began to collaborate with other universities and research institutes in doctoral programs, and was authorized to award doctoral degrees in 2003.
The university has 72 undergraduate majors, covering as many as 8 disciplinary areas (scienceengineeringmedicinelawliberal artseconomicsmanagement, and education). There are 6 provincial key disciplines, 5 disciplines administrated by the Chinese government, and 1 key discipline of national defence. 18 Programs are entitled to award Ph. D. degree, 124 MA or M.S. degrees, and 35 professional degrees. The mining engineering, nuclear technology and its application, pathology and pathological physiology, and pharmacology are Hunan provincial key construction disciplines. There are 2 ministerial key laboratories, i.e. the dissolution and mineral laboratory, the coordinating laboratory of the International Radon Calculation Program of IAEA in Asia, 1 provincial key laboratory, i.e. the radon laboratory.[1]
Nuclear science, medical science and environment-related sciences are the three pillarstones of the university.
The university began its international student education in 2011, and there are now more than 50 students from 8 countries, most of them majoring in clinical medicine.

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :

1st Year : 4800 USD incl. Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 18,000 CNY
Hostel : 3000 CNY

4. Chengdu Uni of TCM

MBBS in China
In the southwest of China, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) is located downtown of the city at Shi-er-qiao Rd, Chengdu 610075, Sichuan. Founded in 1956 it is one of the longest established TCM universities in China. In 1995, it was approved by the Committee of the National Education Department of China to change the short form of its name to CDUTCM for Traditional Chinese Medicine and CDUT for University of Technology.
The university has a graduate to higher education levels that from undergraduate to graduate, up to master and doctorate and teaching many sort of TCM courses. It also has Chinese medicine and the engineering, management, literature and agricultural courses, etc.. It has short-term as well as long-term course including for foreigners and local students and some students have also go to further study after and some in Shanghai after graduation of University. The campus region has area of 130 hectares and over 50 majors and it is quite large enough. It major focus is to have the high quality of TCM skilled students including local and global wide, the specialties covering the clinical practice of Chinese medicine ( herbs and traditional medicines), Chinese pharmacy for pharmacist students, pharmaceutical engineering, nursing, management, marketing, Tibetan medicine and so on. It is a state TCM base for education-research-medicine. Even though graduated from TCM school it has their specific specialist like example Pharmacist.

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :

1st Year : 4800 USD incl. Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 17,000 CNY
Hostel : 3400 CNY


1. Matric / Secondary school Certificate /  Grade 10 /
2. Fsc / Intermediate / Higher Secondary School Certificate /  Grade 12
3. Passport 1st and 2nd page in Scan Form
4. Medical Checkup ( by Chinese Clinical Lab )
5. Colored Photo Passport Size ( white background )
6. CNIC or Form B.
The official representative is authorized to offer admission on the spot by the university.But after applying through our online application or sending the application to our authorized agent university will issue admission letter within 1 week.


After getting admission in China is made, your documents will be sent to Ministry of Education China ( MOE China ) for Jw202 Letter. Meanwhile, you have to prepare all the documents for the china study visa including the passport. For visiting the Chinese embassy, you must have complete documents required by the Chinese embassy in your country.

 Documents Required for Study Visa of China X1 or X2.

How To Apply For China Student Visa from Pakistan

Here are the Requirements for Study Visa by Chinese Embassy for the application.
1. Original Matric DMC ( attested by IBCC and Foreign affairs )
2. Original Fsc DMC ( attested by IBCC & Foreign affairs )
3. Valid Passport
5. Original Admission Letter & Original jw202 ( Invitation Letter by MOE China )
6. Original Medical Fitness Certificate by Chinese Clinical Lab
7. Original Police Certificate attested by Foreign affairs
8. 4 photos (33mm Width & 48mm Length with white background)
9. Bank Statement of Student/Guardian ( 5000 USD or above )
10. Filled Application form of Chinese Embassy
11. Photocopies of all these documents.
With all these documents, your visa will be stamped with short Interview guided by FlyUp Consultants. After that, you just have to buy a one-way ticket to China and get oneself prepare for a new journey of life. Our official agent will pick you up from the airport. Wish you best of luck for your bright future!

China Visa by FlyUp Consultants

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china student visa

china student visa

china student visa

china student visa

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china student visa

china student visa

china student visa

china student visa

china student visa

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019

After inspection of Chines Universities by Ministry of Education (MOE) China, lots of  universities couldn’t able to offer MBBS to international students, and its refined now to start admission process, at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., all registered students will be informed and offered to process admissions in the eligible universities who serve for Pakistani Students.  

Don’t get admission to any Chines Universities without knowing updated valid information to secure your feature. FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., working since 2014, offering admission services for all best universities who offer MBBS program suitable for Pakistani students, and knows pros & cons of foreign studies specially study in China. Get served best by registering yourself at FLYUP , even you’re 2nd year student, you may contact by WhatsApp: 03004888642


 Don’t follow the Seasonal Consultants who just want business and having neither experience nor past about counseling profession. Also don’t trust just on Social Media Contacts/Friends/ Students who offer admission service, as in 2017 lot of students lost their future only due to this sort of no-professional approach. 



MBBS, BDS in China Characteristics

MBBS in China Characteristics – Pakistani Students

  • There are two types of Universities offering MBBS in China, Listed & non-listed.
  • Listed medical universities offering MBBS directly in English medium, while non-listed offering in bi-lingual, Chines and English medium, whereas its required to qualify Chines Language Course prior to start medical studies. This Chines language Course is just a Cultural studies and prerequisite of medical studies, while medial studies medium of instruction is English.
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical /or A- Levels qualified student can apply for MBBS in Chines Medical Universities who keep minimum marks 60%.
  • Age limits for MBBS in China is between 18 and 24, but China Medical University , but some medial universities can extend it to 30 years old.
  • MBBS Degree acquired from a Chines University is recognized world-widely as its offered under WHO
  • You can still apply for admission if you are waiting for 2nd year result, just to keep your place at your desired University *
  • Low Cost University studies ( 5 years studies + One year Internship), 6-Years Total studies Expenses Ranges, Approx. Rs.28,00,000/-
  • Average Cost MBBS Studies in China ( 5 years studies + One year Internship), 6 Years Total studies Exp. Ranges Approx; Rs.28,00,000/- to Rs. 32,00,000/-
  • No entry test required
  • University Fee is payable at the University office (yearly)
  • To get Admission in One – Two Week
  • To get Visa letter / JW202 form, process time is 3 to 4 weeks
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical Qualified Students Can Apply for MBBS in China
  • To get admission in any University in China passport is not necessary but you must arrange it ASAP.
  • University representative will be available to receive the student at the Airport
  • Passport is necessary to get visa letter from China ( must be ready with in the month of admission process)

Recommended Medical Universities in China for Pakistani Students

Recommended Medical Universities in China for Pakistani Students

  • A common question is asked by prospective medical students and their parents prior to join any medical university about to decide One-of-the-Best choice.
  • In Usual practice, every student counselor advise any specific university to join MBBS & BDS in China, even sometimes Only-One to chose, but at this point there is very sensitive and important issue occurs that’s about to decide one’s Future and there is no way to lead it to Only-One-Choice.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., offer our services based on experience since 2014 , which leads to offer you a variety of different well experienced medical universities for the prospective MBBS & BDS students in China.
  • Every year we review and update our priority list to chose the best medical universities in different regions of China that’s compatible to the Pakistani potential students needs, like best studies, climate, halal food, living and suitable environment, specially for girls.
  • We at 
  • FLYUP 
  • Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., categories the Recommended medical chines universities about to chose MBBS & BDS for Pakistani students in three ways ;
    • For Fee-Conscious, seeking Only Low cost but Best in studies
    • For Quality-Conscious, seeking Only Best among the average Cost
    • For Best-Experienced in studies, among the all
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., publish recommended medical chines universities with our special codes like FLYUP -1301, FLYUP -1302,.. . FLYUP offers experienced-based services at very low cost, which can be acquired by contacting us at your early priority.
  • We straightforwardly refuse any type of free services as well as consultation
  • Hopefully, students and their parent must ‘Hire-at-Counseling-Fee’ of their choice to get best services for prospective medical studies in China.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. Est. Since 2014, offering our services at very reasonable cost.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.based in Lahore-Pakistan, charge only our consultancy charges while university fee is payable at arrival in china at university office. To pay our consultancy changes, you can have any of your convenient way like, visiting at our office in Lahore, by Bank-to-Bank, Mobicash, Payoneer, Skrill or we can arrange our services at your place at extra cost.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.have provided entire medical studies information free-of-cost at this website, pleased to welcome you to offer our experienced-based services at optimum level.

MBBS in China Admission Process (Step-By-Step)

Admission Process – Step-By-Step

  • You’ll have to register with FLYUP for to process your admission application.
  • Send the scanned copies of Matric/SSC/O-Levels/ Marks sheet/Certificate.
  • Send the scanned copies of Inter/F.Sc / A-levels Marks Sheet/ Certificate.
  • After receiving Consultancy Changes we’ll provide your a list of the recommended medical chines universities to chose any three of them, whereas we arrange admission mini in two of them, while you may process to any One for to join.
You’ll get Admission Confirmation letter in one -to – two weeks in the prospective Govt. Chines Medical University .
  1. After getting admission acceptance/ letter we process your visa letter (JW202) from Ministry of Education China (MOE).
  2. This process can take 3-4 weeks in usual practice.
  3. We required the further documents for to apply JW202 , While a check list will be sent to you along your admission letter.
  • After receiving the JW202 (original letter) , you’ll have to appear in Chines Embassy Islamabad or Karachi to get your eatery clearance for China as a student.
  • We’ll guide and help you to complete all the process.
  • This process will take usually One-Week to accomplish.
  • After getting China Student Visa stamp at your passport, you’ll have to ready for to go your prospective university in China.
  • You’ll have to get Tick to fly for your studies in China (approximately cost Rs.55,000/-).
  • If your going with Group of our students, will will provide you all the students contacts to coordinate.
  • University representative will be ready to pick you for the airport and take you the university.
  • He’ll also help you to arrange you hostel and in all other matters.
Payments Information
  1. You can pay by visiting our Pakistan office or by Bank-to-Bank, Omni, Mobicash, EasyPesa, Payoneer.
  2. You can pay by Mobicash account (0300-4888642)
  3. Contact to get Bank Details for Online Payments.

PMDC Recognition in Pakistan

PMDC Recognition in Pakistan

  • Remember that you will have to keep minimum 60% marks in F.Sc (Pre-Medical) for to study MBBS in China, there is no other way.
  • This is because all the Chines Medical Universities’ degrees are recognized here in Pakistan, but to go for practices as a Doctor, you’re required to qualify PMDC exam and their criteria is mini 60% marks in the F.Sc (Pre-Medical).
  • There is NOT ANY Chines University which is exempted for PMDC exam, all students who qualify MBBS from any Chines University will have to appear in the PMDC Exam to get Practice License being a Doctor in Pakistan. Before joining any Chines University you may apply for NOC from PMDC.
  • Entire PMDC related information are subject to their notifications and any change may occur, the information publish at this website is just for to let you know while to get updates, you must contact to PMDC office in Pakistan.

FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. Since 2014
  1. We’ll recommend you a best Medical University for your prospective studies after receiving the application fee.
  2. Admission will be arranged in one-to-two weeks.
  3. Visa letter JW202 will be arranged in 3-weeks.
  4. University fee is payable at university office on arrival .
  5. Send your academics/education docs scanned copies at
  6. We have few seats to admit the students, while received lot of applications for to get admission.
  7. Don’t Daley : Apply in Times and Reach at your prospective medical University in Time.
  8. We have only ONE Admission Office located in LahoreFLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.,  working Since 2014.
Admission process in MBBS in China has been started, You must send your educational documents immediately to find a place in the MBBS from China at a University of your choice.
FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. 
Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cell: +92 300-4888642

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018 Requirements;

MBBS in China Admission Requirements:-

  1. A photocopy /Scanned copy of Matriculation/SSC/ O-Levels Certificate
  2. A photocopy /Scanned copy of F.Sc/HSC/A_Levels Pre-Medical Certificates
  3. Passport (fresh) Size Photo 3 Nos,
  4. A photocopy /Scanned copy of applicant’s CNIC/B Form (Optional)
  5. A photocopy /Scanned copy of applicant’s passport (Optional)
  6. Police Clearance Certificate (Optional)
  7. Medical Report (Optional)
  8. Send all documents by email to
MBBS in china for Pakistani students requirements are simple as any international university has, its pleasant news for prospective medical students that there is not any special requirements else academics scanned / soft copies. These soft/digital academics are sufficient to get an admission for MBBS in China

  • Admission letter from the Chines University
  • Photograph 6nos. (Must be fresh)
  • Police Certificate
  • Medical Test (Physical Exam. Report) from Chinese Lab only.
    • HIV (AIDS)
    • Hepatitis B&C

—-“Duly signed by M.S. of Govt. Hospital and attested by Foreign Office….

  • Send all documents by email to

mbbs in china for Pakistani studentsMBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019: Top growing reasons….MBBS in China for Pakistani Students

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019: is Suitable for any medical licensing examination..

mbbs in china for Pakistani studentsMBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019: is attractive due to become a Graduate with a Globally Recognize Medical Degree…..

mbbs in china for Pakistani studentsMBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019: is attractive because mostly Chines Universities gain Top 500 rank with western higher education in medicine….

mbbs in china for Pakistani studentsMBBS in China for Pakistani Students: is attractive due to Plenty of quality hospitals for internship….

mbbs in china for Pakistani studentsMBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019 facts :-

  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019 is attractive due to Interesting and satisfying campus life.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019 is attractive due to Study in a society with excellent public security.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive due to Easy getting an

    admission to a top medical university.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive due to Explore the long-standing history and intense culture.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive due to Living costs and tuition are considerably lower in China
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive due to Submersing students into an international studying environment.
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, is attractive due to get WHO recognized degree
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive because PMDC recognize the Chine’s degree
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive because its medium of instruction is English
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is attractive because by getting Chines MBBS Degree , student can practice in any country of the World
  • MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019 is just a click away

FLyUp Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. is best at serving MBBS in China for the Pakistani Students 2018, 2019

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019:

Just call us at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.☎ 0300-4888642 ; We believe that MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2018, 2019 is not difficult under FLYUP services

study in china scholarships

How To Apply MBBS In China: Entry Requirement; Application Materials

The application and admission into the study of MBBS in China is not as complex as compared to other countries. Chinese medical universities have two intakes per year that is March for Spring Semester and September for Autumn Semester. It is required of students to make sure to meet the application deadline of the universities they wish to apply to.

This article is aimed at providing the relevant material needed and information each student needs to have a successful application to be enrolled to pursue their goal of becoming a medical doctor.




Students should note: all this documents needs to be scanned and sent to the email of admission office of the specific university you will like to be enrolled in.

The decision to determine if students are to be admitted depends not solely on the university but also the Chinese ministry of education. This stage of application process takes 15-20 Days to get a feedback on your admission letter and JW202 form (VISA FORM)

Admission application to study in China does not have to be a difficult task if the correct procedure is followed. The first thing a student should do is make sure all their required documents are on hand and are easily available, MBBS in China

The documents needed when applying to a university in China are: 

1. Digital passport sized photo.
2. Passport page with basic information.
3. Completely filled health check up form (foreigner physical examination form).
4. High school certificate and transcript or any secondary schooling equivalent to high school certificate i.e. A level or O level, ACT, SAT or AP test, etc. (the name of the institution must be stated). The lowest academic percentage accepted for applicants is 60%. Applicants must not fail any subject. Applicants with a higher degree should submit both the degree and the transcript.
5. A completely filled application form for the respective institution. 
6. Your permanent detailed postal address and phone number (needed for receiving your original jw202 and acceptance letter).

NB jw202 form is a visa application form for studying in China , its and official documentation required by the Chinese embassy when applying for an X visa. All documents must be colour scanned and clearly seen. Only scanned copies of these documents will be accepted. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-23. These are the basic requirements needed when apply to study the Mbbs program at Hebei North University. Upon getting all these documents you must forward the scanned copies to the admission office of Hebei North University for it to be checked for suitability. You will then be required to pay a service fee, after which all processes will start. Processing the documents and acquiring the jw202 form takes some time and the admission team will keep you updated and will send the admission documents to the address you provided.


Advantages of studying MBBS in China

1. Gaining International Recognition

In the past few years China has fast gained a reputation internationally for being one of the most powerful countries in the whole world. This is because of the fast growing economy and high educational standards. The country has developed rapidly in virtually all aspects for the past 20-30 years. China has become home for so many international students. This is because of the high standard of education in the country at the moment.

The Growing global economy of China increases the academic system of China. It has fascinated worldwide students from USA, UK, Australia, Russian federation, Asia, Italy, Malaysia and other developed countries. Completing medical care studying here in China can offer extra points, when the student is seeking jobs that require international tasks. English language colleges are found in variety here in china. With China's growing influence over the world as whole, studying in china will somewhat give you the upper hand during job applications. Also, with the mandarin language rapidly becoming one spoken globally, studying here in china will give you something extra to hold to your CV.

2. Healthcare in China is a Remarkable One

The government of China has started several reforms in the medical care techniques for the public. Most of the fundamental medical care rights of people are provided by the state like treatments, food and agricultural services. Advanced digital techniques are applied. All of these procedures and enhancements can offer more tasks to experts related to wellness insurance connected professions. Project 2020 is the leading plan for improving wellness of the Chinese people. China also has ultra modern facilities that make learning very fun and easy. The country boasts of world class equipment for the studying and research of diseases. Studying in China means you will tap into the vast knowledge of lecturers and also have first hand information on how to use these sophisticated equipment.

3. Better Employment Opportunities

Chinese companies are prominent over the whole of the entire globe in terms of manufacturing. It is the biggest manufacturer of technical equipment that are used in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. There are countless areas available for working for all foreign medical students. Many of foreign workers chose China because it gives them better expert exposure. Living costs in places there is also less.

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