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WHY flyup consultants?

  • Expertise is in the Education & Training Sector.
  • Our business philosophy in education sector is to serve as a bridge between students and universities so as to help students select the best foreign institute according to their academic requirements.
  • We do work with international clients to offer large-scale educational solutions.
  • FlyUp Consultants® aims to advance the profession of education consultancy by establishing high standards of performance.
  • If you are contemplating idea of moving abroad, do not think twice and let FlyUp Consultants® help you in interpreting your dreams into reality through our expert immigration services where our goal is simple: give you a completely unbiased and impartial advice and provide you best of service.


To encourage diversity and equal opportunity and allow a free flow of labor, knowledge and ideas across borders to anywhere where merit and expertise is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age or race.


When seeking or accepting professional engagements we shall:
  • Seek or accept only those engagements for which we have suitable knowledge and experience.
  • Ensure that our resources are sufficient to carry out the assignment.
  • Define clearly, and confirm in writing, the terms and conditions of the services, including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, the allocation of responsibilities, and the basis for remuneration.
  • Negotiate agreements and charges for professional services in an ethical and proper way.

Our Services

  • Selecting best & most affordable university for relevant course.
  • Getting Admission Confirmation Letter from the university only in 1-2 days.
  • Sending Original Invitation Letter via DHL at student’s address.
  • Guideline for attestation of documents before applying for Visa.
  • Complete Guideline for Visa Process.
  • Arranging air ticket from Student’s destination to Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Airport Pick-Up & Arranging Road transportation from airport to the university.
  • Ample support service to the student regarding immigration clearance in Ukraine.
  • Arranging for reliable accommodation.
  • Individual room assistance for student.
  • Making arrangements for student ID card, hostel card and international student card.
  • Assistance in Visa renewal during the entire period of study.
  • Special orientation programs held for international students so that they can intermingle with local environment.
  • We act as student guardian throughout the period of the course.


  • We have been working in the field of legal and business consulting for more than 17 countries.
  • Geopolitical services internationally: European countries and United Kingdom , USA, Canada,Ukraine and other countries of the world.
  • In-house British, American and European lawyers and high level specialists with substantive work experience.
  • Over the years we have gained a high reputation both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • We put the client’s interests first, protecting the client’s privacy and access to any
  • information.
  • A large range of services within the same group of companies: immigration, real estate,business and tax planning, education abroad and other related services.
  • We are flexible in financial policy, as we work without intermediaries.


  • Wide spectrum of visa consultancy services for overseas visitors, visa extensions.
  • Immigration applications to Foreign authorities for resident permit, work permit, tourism.
  • Registration of various company’s types.
  • Legal advice and assistance on opening personal and business accounts.
  • Real-estate advice and due diligence.
  • Assistance in obtaining mortgage and long-term credits.
  • Audit and management of companies.
  • Business risks analysis and effective risk management.
  • Family Law consultation.
  • Accredited translators, Notary services, apostille.


The FlyUp Consultants® Organization has wide experience in working on different visa categories. Our

clients receive full professional support during all documents preparation and, if needed,

preparation for the personal visa interview. We work with complicated applications after visa

refusals and bars of entry.

If you would like to obtain an initial consultation, please contact +92300 4888 642

FlyUp Consultants®
Student Adviser & Consultant. 
Cell: +92-300-4888 642 (Call / SMS / Whatsapp)
Lahore Office:  
Office No.144 Street #7 Marghzar Colony, Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan. 


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