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How To Apply For China Student Visa from Pakistan

How To Apply For China Student Visa from Pakistan

In this Page we will discuss (How To Apply For China Student Visa from Pakistan) & What documents are required for China study visa For Pakistani students.


1. Matric / Secondary school Certificate /  Grade 10 /
2. Fsc / Intermediate / Higher Secondary School Certificate /  Grade 12
3. Passport 1st and 2nd page in Scan Form
4. Medical Checkup ( by Chinese Clinical Lab )
5. Colored Photo Passport Size ( white background )
6. CNIC or Form B.
The official representative is authorized to offer admission on the spot by the university. But after applying through our online application or sending the application to our authorized agent university will issue admission letter within 1 week.


After getting admission in China is made, your documents will be sent to Ministry of Education China ( MOE China ) for Jw202 Letter. Meanwhile, you have to prepare all the documents for the china study visa including the passport. For visiting the Chinese embassy, you must have complete documents required by the Chinese embassy in your country.

 Documents Required for Study Visa of China X1 or X2.

How To Apply For China Student Visa from Pakistan

Here are the Requirements for Study Visa by Chinese Embassy for the application.
1. Original Matric DMC ( attested by IBCC and Foreign affairs )
2. Original Fsc DMC ( attested by IBCC & Foreign affairs )
3. Valid Passport
5. Original Admission Letter & Original jw202 ( Invitation Letter by MOE China )
6. Original Medical Fitness Certificate by Chinese Clinical Lab
7. Original Police Certificate attested by Foreign affairs
8. 4 photos (33mm Width & 48mm Length with white background)
9. Bank Statement of Student/Guardian ( 5000 USD or above )
10. Filled Application form of Chinese Embassy
11. Photocopies of all these documents.
With all these documents, your visa will be stamped with short Interview guided by FlyUp Consultants. After that, you just have to buy a one-way ticket to China and get oneself prepare for a new journey of life. Our official agent will pick you up from the airport. Wish you best of luck for your bright future!

China Visa by FlyUp Consultants

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  1. I received acceptanc letter from Zhengzhou university of industrial technology. And I apply for study visa two weeks ago but I didn't receive study still 15 days are passed