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How to apply to study in Chinese universities from Pakistan.

How to apply to study in Chinese universities from Pakistan.

How to apply to study in Chinese universities from Pakistan

In this Article, you will learn How to apply to study in Chinese universities from Pakistan. The application process to study at Chinese universities may seem complicated and confusing to you. China is a different culture and it can be difficult to find clear information about the application process with some universities that may be outdated. Many students also have difficulty communicating with Chinese universities that can be difficult to contact by email or telephone.
We receive many inquiries from students who do not understand exactly where to start their application, so we have decided to explain the whole process step by step on how to apply to study in Chinese universities.

1) How to apply to study in China from Pakistan?

Applying for study in China through us is very simple and easy to apply since we do most of the application on your behalf and we do it for free. We are funded by the universities of China. In some cases, if you are applying for admission to two or more Chinese universities, applying through China Admissions may be cheaper than applying directly to Universities.
Here's how you can submit your application to us:
1. Complete our online application form, click here to begin.
2. Send us the application documents by email to
One of our advisors will respond with information about the next step and additional assistance.

2) What application documents are necessary for Pakistani students to apply at Chinese Universities for study in China?

The full list of required documents differs slightly according to the Chinese University, but the basic list is as follows:
Copy of passport
One photo (passport size)
Your Degree Certificates ( Matric, Intermediate etc.)
Official transcripts
2 letters of recommendation (must be written and signed by their teachers/professors and contain their contact information)
Personal statement
In addition, there may be a request to provide: (if these documents are required, we will contact you after reviewing your application):
Bank statement
Physical examination form
All documents must be in English or Chinese. If your documents are in another language, you must obtain a notarized translation before sending the documents.

3) What is the application process of Chinese universities for Pakistani students?

Step 1. Provide all the information required in our online application form
This information includes your contact information, address, details of your emergency contact, work and educational background, etc.
Step 2. Provide all required documents
Step 3. Pay the application fee
The application fee is paid for your application to the University, The amount is established by the University and is different in each University.
4) What happens after sending the application?
It will take about 1 to 2 days to review it and, if there are no errors or no additional information is required, we will process it in 2 days.
The University usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to review an application and make a decision. But with respect to the results, universities can be divided into two types:
Universities that review applications one by one and provide the results immediately after the review.
on the other hand, Universities that review applications after the deadline, all at once and provide results after the deadline
Obviously, it takes more time to know the result of your admission of the second type, but we will track your application and update you regularly.
For the selected applicants, the universities will send their admission Package, which consists of the admission notice and form JW202, it usually takes a month to receive it, so it is recommended to request it as soon as possible. For more information about the visa application process, click How to apply for China student Visa from Pakistan.
If you still have questions about the application process or want our advice regarding your documents or program or University, our contact information:
To Apply for Study in China and For More information Contact Us:

Abdul Haseeb
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0300-4888642 (Call / Whatsapp)
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