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Guide for Study in China from Pakistan | China Student Visa

A Complete guide to Study in China from Pakistan.

Study in China from Pakistan.


 Those Pakistani students who have plans to study in China from Pakistan, do not waste your time just go for it. China has excellent opportunities for Pakistani students to explore their bright future. Studying in China may be the perfect option for Pakistani students today, because of the Scholarships that China is offering especially to Pakistani students.

China has established a rule according to which the study is compulsory until the nine years in which the student must complete the primary level & Secondary level.

China has a great history of education. According to officials in recent years, 456,900 primary schools have got high enrollment rate of 98%. It shows how the literacy rate in China is increasing. China provides an ideal lifestyle with a modern and updated educational environment for Pakistani students.

China has taken so many important steps for each level of education, which is why it is producing an outstanding share of the literacy rate day by day. China is spending the maximum of its GDP to make the education system competitive internationally.

China has the best universities in the world. Study Abroad in China is an emerging trend for students to obtain their higher education in China. China has focused on its educational industry to gain fame in the field of education around the world.

This guide will be useful for Pakistani students who wish to study in China.

Important questions about the study in China!

How much does the average tuition cost for undergraduate or Postgraduate courses in China?

International students wishing to apply for undergraduate or graduate courses in China will pay the average fee of US $ 2,000 to 4,000 annually. But China is offering so many Scholarships for Pakistani Students, So when China is Offering Scholarships to Pakistani students there is no need to go on self-finance.

The fee structure for most of the universities in China is based on the courses. Students wishing to apply for art and humanities subjects will have to pay less fee as compared to medical(MBBS), engineering or other courses.

Will I be allowed to work while I am studying in China?

During, studies in China international students cannot start employment in accordance with government regulations. Occasionally, Pakistani students work part-time as English teachers.

Beginning your career as an English teacher will be useful to earn a good amount of money to support your educational and living costs and the student can easily interact with local Chinese people.
Where and what kind of accommodation is there in China for international students?
The survey of the Beijing Olympic Games is based on the review of international athletes and officials according to which food and accommodation are very satisfactory in China. Therefore, Pakistani students who want to study in China can get good hostel opportunities with little help from the Chinese government. There are two options for students to live in China as an international student, which are on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation.
Accommodation on campus
The accommodation on campus is based on dormitories, which offer single, double and luxury rooms for Pakistani students. In these bedrooms included bedding, TV, adequate kitchen facilities, air conditioning and lockers for students.
Off-campus accommodation
Pakistani students can also get accommodation off campus during their stay in China for study. Students can check the expatriate website to find rental accommodation or roommates. The cost of living outside the campus is based on the lifestyle of Pakistani students.

What kind of financial aid or subsidy in China for international students?
  • Chinese government scholarship
  • Bilateral Program
  • China University Program
  • Grand Mural Program
  • EU Program
  • AUN Program
  • PIF Program
  • WMO Program (World Meteorological Organization)
Hundreds of other scholarships for study in China are offered by various universities or organizations for Pakistani students.

How can I know that my academic training will be accepted by the University of China?
Pakistani students can know their academic Education accepted by the University of China or not through the Chinese university Website, where students apply for admission. Chinese universities announce admission with the appropriate guidelines, students must read these admission guidelines and comply with them to obtain admission to Chinese universities.

What is the usual application process for master's level courses in China?

Students wishing to apply for a master's degree at any Chinese university must comply with the general admission requirements. International students must be 18 or older to enter the Chinese university. Students must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university to apply for this master's program. Keep the international passport valid.
For a basic understanding of the Chinese language, students must have an HSK certificate of level 4-6 or higher. Students must be clear about the admission exam to obtain admission to any Chinese university. Letters of recommendation will be sent to the university by the teachers according to the requirements.
Students wishing to apply for courses that are taught in the English language must have a certificate of English proficiency. IELTS or TOFEL is not Compulsory for study in China,  you just need English proficiency certificate that you can get from your College or university. Students should focus on starting the admission date of any Chinese university. Normally, there are two Intakes in China
  1. September Intake
  2. March Intake
Therefore, students must know about the start of admission and the date of completion of admission to any university. For the recognition of the educational degrees of international students, the Chinese government signed the MoU with 64 universities around the world.
What are the language requirements for international students?
Pakistani students who are going to study in English medium courses in China are required the HSK (Chinese Language Test). You just need English Proficiency Certificate as described above.

What kind of Visa do I Need and what documents are required for China Study Visa?
  1. Pakistani applicants who come to China for a period of more than 6 months must apply for the X visa. Those who come for less than 6 months can apply for the F visa.
  2. The application must be submitted to the Chinese embassy along with the Admission Notice and Form JW201 or 202 issued by a Chinese College or University.
  3. A physical examination is required for those who apply for the X visa.
The F visa is reliable for a stay in China from 3 to 6 months from the date of its Issuance. Your F visa may be extended for a few times, however, your total time in China should not exceed one year.
Applicants who have an X visa and wish to leave and re-enter China in the middle of their studies must apply for a visa again at the Public Security Bureau at least 7 days before takeoff.
Students must present some important documents to apply for the visa, such as application, passport, photographs, bank statement, etc. Students can ask Flyup Consultants about the important documents that are required for China student visa.

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