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Universities in Kyrgyzstan for MBBS Students

 Jalalabad State Medical University
Jalalabad State Medical University came into existence just after one year after Osh State University was started, that is, 1992. It is a public body institution and provides options for higher studies in several departments such as construction, energy, electronics, medical education, agriculture, etc. Going by the figures, the Jalalabad State Medical University itself has more than 250 teachers. Out of these, over 10 faculty members are professors cum doctors & more than 40 are Ph.D doctors. They are highly skilled doctors and are also members of National Academy of Science in Kyrgyz Republic. These faculty members are serving as academic advisors for country.
At present, there are over 4,500 students who have enrolled in JSMU. The university has adopted such a system which provides the following levels of training, that is, Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree & Doctorate degree.

  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Nursing
  3. Faculty of Computers
  4. Faculty of Physics
  5. Faculty of Mathematics
  6. Faculty of Social Sciences
  7. Faculty of Humanities
  8. Faculty of Russian Language
  9. Faculty of Kyrgyz Language
  10. Faculty of Biology
  11. Faculty of Pedagogy
  12. Faculty of Psychology
  13. Faculty of Physical Education
  14. Faculty of Ecology
  15. Faculty of Mechanics
  16. Faculty of Food Technology
  17. Faculty of Chemistry
  18. Faculty of Chemical Engineering
  19. Faculty of Water Engineering

Student life

Jalalabad State Medical University provides a very friendly and healthy environment to the students. The campus is filled with all the basic amenities. The campus of the university has well-equipped hostels with all the facilities like hot water supply, heating, air conditioning, internet access, laundry etc.
The food available in the college canteen is very hygienic and healthy. The university campus has a great library where students can easily access the study material. The campus has many other activity centers such as gym, swimming pool, sports complex etc. The security system of the university is very good with 24 hours security guards.

City at a Glance

Fees Structure 2020-2021

Tution Fee
(In USD)
(In USD)
Total Expenses
(In USD)
First Year 6500$ 1200$ 7,700$
Second Year 4000$ 1200$ 5200$
Third Year 4000$ 1200$ 5200$
Fourth Year 4000$ 1200$ 5200$
Fifth Year 4000$ 1200$ 5200$
Total Fee 22,500$ 6000$ 28,500$
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