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Best universities in Kyrgyzstan for MBBS

Asian Medical Institute 
Asian Medical Institute is a university situated in Kyrgyzstan. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Health. It is also recognized by WHO and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The faculty members are well-versed in English language. Each member holds a degree in Medicine and is either a M.D. or Ph.D. holder. Few members of the faculty are also specialist in their field.

Various doctors from Europe, UK & USA visit the campus to impart new technological advances in the field of medicine to our students. Multiple councils of medicine from the countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, USA, Great Britain recognize the degree awarded by the Asian Medical Institute.
  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. ​Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Faculty of Nursing
  4. Faculty of Preparatory Course

Student life

Spacious hostels with all the facilities like boarding, fooding, security is available for girls and boys separately, right adjacent to the college premises. Good transport facility has been arranged by the authorities to take the students from hostels to the affiliated hospitals in the city. The atmosphere in the hostile is conducive for studies, calm and quiet. Canteen is there in the hostel premises.

City at a Glance

Fees Structure 2019-2020

Fee Pattern
Tution Fee
1st Year
Tution Fee
2nd-5th Per Year
Grand Total
(Total Expenses)
Tution Fee 6000$ 3200$
(Full Course)
Total 6000$ 12800$ 18800$

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