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Mbbs in Kazakhstan

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Hi There,
I hope you are doing great!
I am a professional education consultant and mentor helping students to get admission in MBBS in various countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia list goes on..
1: Quality : The Quality of education is very good. Students get right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge .
2: Infrastructure: The Infrastructure of both the universities is very accommodating to inculcate the right values and education. It has huge campus including libraries , laboratories, hostels, everything.
3: Budget : We can save a lot on budget while choosing any of the above university the budget is as low as 50 Lacs PKR including Food and hostel.
4: Duration : The another advantage of MBBS in Kazakhzstan in the duration of course. The duration of course in 5 years.
5: Faculty and Facilities: All the faculty members are well qualified , highly professional and very supportive. Also you will be provided with all the facilities required being a medical student.
If you are looking for admission in MBBS in any country you may contact me directly over the phone or message

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