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Kharkiv National University of Arts

Kharkiv National University of Arts

Kharkiv National University of ArtsKharkiv National University of Arts named after I. P. Kotlyarevsky  (or Kharkiv Conservatory or Kharkiv National I. P. Kotlyarevsky University of Arts) is the leading music and drama institution of higher education in Ukraine. The university trains about 900 undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates in music and theatre art. It enjoys Level IV accreditation, which is the highest under Ukraine’s national standards, and is licensed to train foreign students.

About Kharkiv National University of Arts

The roots of the University can be traced back to the Musical classes opened in 1871 under the aegis of Kharkiv branch of the Russian Imperial Music Society. Kharkiv Conservatory was established in 1917, a result of professional music education development in Kharkiv. Prominent among those who stood at the origins of the conservatory were P. Tchaikovsky, O. Glazunov, I. Slatin. The conservatory was several times renamed. Since 1920 it was known as Music Academy, but in 1923 with the opening of theatre major the academy was turned into the Institute of Music and Drama, and later into Kharkiv State Conservatory (1934) and Institute of Arts (1963). All these names reflect the search for the most optimal model of artistic education.
In 2004 the institute was awarded the university status and the highest Level IV accreditation. That was another step into the future; it confirmed integration into the European system of education and contributed to the strengthening of the university’s international credibility. On the occasion of its 90th anniversary the University was awarded the Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine and a gold medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine. In 2011 it was given the status of National importance.

    Kharkiv National University of Arts Programs & Tuition Fees

    Arts & Music
    Duration: 4 years
    Tuition fee for English medium:  3800 US$ (every year)
    Tuition fee for Russian medium: 3000 US$ (every year)
    Students who are going to join English medium will pay the following charges except tuition fee:
    Accommodation: 1000 US$ every year  (twin sharing newly renovated hostel with new furniture and utensils)
    500 US$ (ordinary twin-three sharing old hostels)
    Medical Insurance: 250 US$ (one time insurance for 6 years)
    Medical Checkup: 50 US$ (one time charges)
    Issuance of Temporary Residence Permit: 100 US$ (one time upon arrival)
    Other Expenses (Administrative Fee, Admission Fee, Registration Fee, Airport Reception Charges, Immigration Clearance Charges, Intermediary Company Charges,etc..): 1500 US$ ONLY FOR FIRST YEAR
    First year total charges: 6600 US$
    Second year and Onwards: 4300 US$ every year

    Kharkiv National University of Arts Faculties & Departments

    Kharkiv National University of Arts
    Faculty of Musicology and Performance
    The Faculty of Musicology and Performance has rich professional traditions followed by its leading specialists in the field of musicology, composition and performance.
    Degree-Granting Departments:
    • Special Piano
    • Concertmaster’s Skills
    • Chamber Ensemble
    • Theory of Music
    • History of Ukrainian and Foreign Music
    • Interpretology and Analysis of Music
    • Composition and Orchestration
    • Choral Conducting
    • Solo Singing
    • Opera Studies

    Orchestra Faculty
    The Orchestra Faculty established by a prominent musician and cultural professional I.І. Statin offers educational opportunities in performance studies to help students develop their creativity and to prepare them for careers in music.
    Degree-Granting Departments:
    • Chamber Ensemble and Quartet
    • Orchestra String Instruments
    • Orchestra Wind and Percussion Instruments and Opera and Symphony Conducting
    • Folk instruments of Ukraine
    • Instruments of Variety Orchestra

    Theater Faculty

    Theatre education provided by Kharkiv National University of Arts has always been very prestigious. Its deep long-standing traditions took shape under the influence of L. Kurbas, I. Maryanenko, D. Antonovich, M. Krushelnytsky, V. Afanasyev, A. Pletnyov and A. Gorbenko and many other famous coryphaei of theatre art. Notable alumni of the faculty work all over the world.
    Degree-Granting Departments:
    • Stage Directing
    • Performing skills
    • Performing skills and Stage Directing of the Theatre of Animation
    • Theater Studies


    Accommodation: 1000 US$ every year  (twin sharing newly renovated hostel with new furniture and utensils)

    Invitation Charges

    To issue an invitation letter we require the following documents and payments of 500 US$(which includes invitation charges 400 US$ and 100 US$ courier charges).
    • Copy of international passport
    • Copy of School certificate
    • Copy of Bachelor's Degree In Arts/Music (only if student is applying for postgraduate studies.

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