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China study visa consultants in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan Pakistan

China study visa consultants in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi,

 Rawalpindi, Multan Pakistan.

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Study in China Guides by FlyUp Consultants

china study visa consultantsChina is a large country comprising about 25% of world’s population making it the most populous country of world. Not much students are aware of the study trends in China. But let me tell you China is not just strong in their economy and population. China is a well-developed country and has a strong emphasis on education as they are conscious of the power of knowledge. If you decide to study in China, this would be one of the greatest decisions you ever made. China is the best country in Asia for higher education.
China is very much underrated for higher education just because it’s a Non-English Asian country. Before you apply for study in China, you should thoroughly research about that country. Here in Study in China Guide you will find all the information one must acquire before moving, brought to you by FlyUp Consultants team.
1 – Education:
china-studyChinese education system has a quality that rivals Australia. Chinese higher education is one of the best in world. Since their revolution, they have always worked hard in all fields of life and stunned the world with success. China is ranked 8th Best Country for Higher Educationestablishment in QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking. In addition, China is consistently increasing their efforts and investment to make their education best of the world.
2 – Universities:
china-UniversitiesChina is home to more than 2,000 universities that currently have over 1 million students enrolled. Numerous Chinese universities are ranked in Top 100 of world. Top university of China is Tsinghua University located in the capital of Beijing that ranks 24th in worldsand 5th in Asia. Second best university of China is also a marvelous beautiful institute known as Peking University. It ranks 39th in worldand 9th in Asia. Besides these institutes there are many more amazing universities and colleges in China that you can see by clicking Top Universities of China and their Ranks.
3 – Research:
ResearchSince their revolution, China has always followed the code of “rely on your own resources”. They do not wait for other countries to develop a technology and acquire their help. They just create whatever they want. For innovation, you definitely need one of the best research systems and researchers. It is said that most of the world geniuses are found in China. In order to maintain their position and the code, they are administering the best research centers and labs of world. Established in 1949, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is ranked best research institute.
4 – Student Attraction:
Student-Attraction-for-study-in-chinaChina is one of the major destinations for international students. They are currently housing about 4 Lac international students in their educational institutes. Thousands of students transfer to China for their entire or holiday programs. Chinese teaching methods and customs are a lot different than what you may find in other countries. Many students wish to experience this change which is a very healthy activity by means of grooming. China is ranked 9th Most Popular Students Attraction of world among international student and the Most Popular in Asia.
5 – Admission:
It is not very difficult and actually international students are very encouraged to take admission in Chinese University. In order to get admission in Chinese universities, you must meet the basic requirements of Government and that particular university. Here read complete requirement to Apply in Chinese University and Visa Process. If you are enrolling in English-Taught program and you are from Non-English country than you will have to show IELTS or TOEFL score report.
6 – Student Part Time Work:
Student-Part-Time-Work-in-chinaIn past international students were not allowed to work while they are studying. However, Chinese government introduced new law according to which international students can work part time while studying and they will also be provided all rights. A student who wishes to work part-time or take an internship outside the campus must attain approval from the university and then apply to the PSB Exit-Entry Administration for permit. However, make sure you get the right student visa because this opportunity is not available for X2 visa.
7 – Cost and Accommodation:
Chines Currency is Yuan which very cheap compared to most countries. This makes education in China cheaper than any other country. Two major expenses student has to face are:
University Fee:
  • Average University fee is about $2000 per year that is equivalent to 2 Lac PKR.
Living Expenses:
  • Depending on usage and international student requires about $500 (50 thousand PKR) to $800 (80 thousand PKR) monthly to cover living expenses including Rent, Food and Transportation.
Click the link to see complete Cost and Accommodation details.
8 – Scholarships:
Scholarships-in-chinaAs I have mentioned before, Chinese government has a goal to get 500,000 international students enrolled in Chinese higher education institutes by 2020. To make their wish come true they are doing everything possible to attract international students. They are providing many facilities like part time work and less tuition fees. In addition, they are also distributing as many scholarships as possible to accommodate international students there. There are many scholarships granted by the government, some are university specific and many are private organizations that fund students. It is suggested to apply at China Scholarship Council before other schemes as it is the most famous awarding program, here you will find all the latest scholarships you need.
9 – Amazing Culture:
chines-cultureChina is a wonderful large country comprising many cultures, colors and 56 different ethnicities. They follow all their own traditions and custom that has been coming for centuries and don’t use Europe as their idol which makes it extremely colorful and full of festivals. China is very much famous for Kung Fu and you will find martial arts institutes more than you think. You will definitely get a exposure of entirely new astounding world.
10 – Globally Recognized Degree:
Globally-Recognized-Degree-from-chinaEvery student always searches prior hand whether their proof of many years of education, their degree, will be accepted in other countries or not. As above mentioned facts and figures, China is a wonderful country for education and whole world knows that. China has worked hard and proved itself as the best. Chinese degree is easily accepted and even respected all around the world, wherever you go. Whole world greets Chinese graduates for of their qualifications and brilliance. Even if you wish to go to another university for your further education, even the world’ best universities like Oxford and Harvard cannot deny your education. You will be happy to know that the Chinese government has joint agreements of recognition with 64 other countries and regions.
China study visa consultants in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan Pakistan


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