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Apply for Master and PhD Degree full Scholarships in China

Apply for Master and Ph.D. Degree full Scholarships in China

🏛University 1: 
🏵Master and PhD Degree full Scholarships in Xian City :

💢Location: Xian City 

⭕Intake: Sep 2018 
💎Scholarship details: Hostel +Tuition Free 

Stipend: 1000¥/ month 

🔷Available Masters Majors: 

Location: Xian 
Majors : 
Ø Bioresources Chemical & Materials Engineering
Ø Materials Science and Engineering
Ø Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
Ø Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Ø Electrical Engineering
Ø Computer Science and Technology
Ø Environmental Engineering
Ø Chemistry
Ø Chemical Engineering & Technology

🏆PhD majors : 
1- Chemical Engineering 
2- Material Engineering 

🏛University 2 : 

🎁Master Degree full Scholarships in Huzhou City :

💢Location: Huzhou City 
🔵Degree: Masted 
⭕Intake: Sep 2018 
💎Scholarship details: Hostel +Tuition Free 

Stipend: 1000¥/ month 

🔷Available Majors: 
1- Education Principles 
2- Curriculum and Teaching Methodology 
3- Education Technology 
4- Pre School Education 
5- Teacher Education 
6- Aquaculture Science 
7- Aquatic Genetic breeding and Reproduction 
8- Education Management 
9- Primary Education 
10- Mathematics Education 
11- Intelligent Processing Technology
12- E-commerce Technology 
13- Smart Education Technology 
14- Intelligent System and Control  
15- Intelligent Equipment Automation Technology 
16- New Energy and it’s Control Technology 
18- Nursing 
19- Visual Art Design 
20- Environmental Art Design 
21- Design planning and Management 

🔴Last date to apply: 10th July 
Almost confirm seats if students CGPA is good. 
☑For more details contact us. Thanks

🔴 Scholarship success rate 95%.

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  1. i had done BBA(hons) from preston university can i avail scholership for Mphil