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study tourism & Hospitality management in china for Pakistani students

Study tourism management in China for Pakistani students

study tourism management in china for Pakistani students

😍100% confirmed fully funded scholarship available for Bachelor.
1. BBA
2. Tourism Management
3. IBM
4.Logistics management
5. Computer Engineering
6. Software Engineering
7. Electronic Engineering
πŸ”ΆπŸ”ΆUnconditional 4 years Scholarship
1. Free tuition for 4 years
2. Free accommodation for 4 years
3- Intake: March and Sept
4- Language of instruction: English
5- Many students
6- Period: 4 years
πŸ”·πŸ”ΆTeaching Language : English
πŸ”ΊAge limit: less than 25 years on 31st December , 2017
Document Required :
1. Junior and High school Mark sheet or transcripts ( SSC/10th & HSC/12th)
2. Junior and High school Certificate ( SSC/10th & HSC/12th)
3. Digital Picture
4. Proper scan copy of passport
6. Application form
7. Physical Examination Form
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Study tourism management in china for Pakistani students. A bachelor's degree is awarded upon the successful completion of an undergraduate academic program. It is often the first grade a student received in his or her academic career. It normally takes four years of full-time study to earn a bachelor's degree.

A program in Tourism can help students learn how to plan and prepare trips, providing them with communication skills and dealing with the people needed in the sector. An overview of the operation of the industry is offered and marketing strategies are explored.

China is trying to promote the development of first-class universities. China's economy is already the world's second largest and continues to grow. Experiencing the culture and understanding your growth in the market will increase your career. study tourism management in china for Pakistani students

Top Bachelor Programs in Tourism in China 2018.

Study Bachelor of Tourism Management in China for Pakistani students.

Hunan University of Science and Technology

As an outstanding university in undergraduate education, the university adheres to the principle of reform in cultivating mode by improving students' competence, increasing the financial input on teaching in order to meet the needs of society, and improving its management in various areas such as disciplines, courses and practical teaching. With the goal of long-term development, the university carries out a series of programs in talents training and teaching innovation so as to meet the requirements of society, such as the theme of "Teaching Week" which aims to create a harmonious campus culture of "serving students and respecting teachers". study tourism management in china for Pakistani students
In recent years, students of the university have obtained marvelous achievements in various national competitions, such as the German Red Dot Award, the China Youth Technological Competition, the "Challenge Cup" of Technological Competition, the Contest of Mathematical Modeling and the Contest of Electronic Design. By participating such competitions, a lot of students such as Huang Jiahou, Yin Peimeng, Liucheng were not only awarded with various prizes, but also interviewed by state leaders. Moreover, the university has cultivated many excellent students who have been famous throughout the country, such as He Ping — "the Sunflower Girl" as well as "the National Model of University Students in 2011", and Wu Liqiang and Li Jin — "Love Messenger". study tourism management in china for Pakistani students

Checklist of application documents (Scanned copies are required) for study tourism management in china for Pakistani students

  • Valid Passport Photocopy (Standard Form)
  • Physical Examination Form (Standard Form)(Please print it and take it to the hospital to finish all the items examination, get it signed by the doctor and stamped by the hospital, then scan it to the university. Remember to keep all the original medical reports and the form and bring it when coming to China. )
  • Diploma of highest education (with Certified English Translation)
  • Official Transcript (with Certified English Translation)
  • Non-criminal Activity Certificate (Please apply to local police bureau for an official certificate.)
  • Application Form (Standard Form)
  • Application Form for Scholarship(Standard Form)
  • Four Digital photo (size: 2 inch; formal)
Other documents needed for graduate study tourism management in China for Pakistani students
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from professor or associate professor (for graduate student)
  • Research proposal no less than 400 words (for graduate student)
  • HSK 4 certificate (for degree study)
The foreigners are supposed to take the physical examination before leaving in a national or regional public hospital and get report of all the items listed in the form with the signature of the doctor and the stamp of the hospital. If the check is done in a private hospital or clinic, the report should be notarized by a public notary. The form submitted should be the original copy with the photo of the examinee and supporting documentation such as laboratory report sheets, X-ray films and necessary testing reports. study tourism management in china for Pakistani students
The Administration of Quality supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will double check the submitted form and attached documentations upon their arrival and decide whether it's acceptable or they should take additional or another physical examination. If additional check or re-check is required, the student should follow the requirement and pay for their own. The double check fee is RMB 160.00 yuan which should be covered by the students themselves. study tourism management in China for Pakistani students
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