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Payment Policy for Study in China

Application Fee ( Initial Charges ) :

Application Fee with documents is 1500 Yuan ( Approx 250 USD $ ) | Non-refundable
The application fee for admission in China will be Charged before admission letter issued by the University of your own Choice for the Visa Process. 

After Jw202 Arrival ( Visa Letter by MOE China ):

After Receiving payment of Application we will start the Process of Jw202 and as we get Jw202 by MOE China student will apply for a visa in Chinese Embassy with Proper Documentation. When we will get Stamped visa for the Student we will Charge Remaining Management / Service Mention in Fee Packages Either in Pakistan or in China Depends upon the Latest rules and regulations. The student will pay the Management / Service Charges Before arrival in University.
Note :
If any Student will not pay ( Management charges ) before Arrival to University our Company have Rights to Cancel his/Her Admission and University can send back the student to his/Her Home Country.

Refund Policy (Special Note) :

Application Fee is Refundable if Fly Consultants can not issue Jw202 ( Visa Letter by MOE China ) and the application fee will be non-refundable if student applied  and not want to go after that. Also Management / Service Charges will not be refundable at any cost.
Refund Policy of University Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee will be According to the University Rules and Regulations and According to MOE China, we have no Concern with this policy.


  1. Is it right? I had a friend apply at Wenzhou university for me. After paying for the admission. He said I also have to pay for the Jw202 processing

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