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MBBS in China Fee Structure 2018-2019 | MBBS in China for Pakistani Students,MBBS in China Fees, Low Cost

MBBS in China Fee Structure 2018, 2019

MBBS in China 2018 :-
MBBS in China Video

Entire Chines Universities offering MBBS either in English medium or bilingual are under inspection by Ministry of Education (MOE) China. The universities eligible to offer MBBS to international students will be finalized and announced by April 2018, while at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., all registered students will be informed and offered to process admissions there.  Don’t get admission to any Chines Universities without knowing updated valid information to secure your feature. Don’t follow the Seasonal Consultants who just want business and having neither experience nor past about counseling profession. Also don’t trust just on Social Media Contacts/Friends/ Students who offer admission service, as in 2017 lot of students lost their future only due to this sort of no-professional approach. Every year Many prospective students for MBBS in China miss guided by students-consultants (prospective doctors) those studying in Chines universities, they try to convince the potential students only for one university where they are studying, whereas they hide the reality and minimize the perspectives & scope  for a variety of other institutions. FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., working since 2014, offering admission services for all best universities who offer MBBS program suitable for Pakistani students, and knows pros & cons of foreign studies specially study in China. Get served best by registering yourself at FLYUP , even you’re 2nd year student, you may contact by: 0300-4888642.
MBBS in China Fee Structure

Study MBBS in China features and Advantages:-

  • There are two types of Universities offering MBBS in China, Listed & non-listed.
  • Listed medical universities offering MBBS directly in English medium, while non-listed offering in bi-lingual, Chines and English medium.
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical /or A- Levels qualified student can apply for MBBS in Chines Medical Universities who keep minimum marks 60%.
  • Age limits for MBBS in China is between 18 and 25, but China Medical University , Jiangsu University and some other universities can extend it to 30 years old.
  • MBBS Degree acquired from a Chines University is recognized world-widely as its offered under WHO
  • You can still apply for admission if you are waiting for 2nd year result, just to keep your place at your desired University *
  • Low Cost University studies ( 5 years studies + One year Internship), 6-Years Total studies Expenses Ranges, Approx. Rs.27,00,000/-
  • Average Cost MBBS Studies in China ( 5 years studies + One year Internship), 5 Years Total studies Exp. Ranges Approx; Rs.27,00,000/- to Rs. 30,00,000/-
  • No entry test required
  • University Fee is payable at the University office (yearly)
  • To get Admission in One – Two Week
  • To get Visa letter / JW202 form, process time is 4 to 6 weeks
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical Qualified Students Can Apply for MBBS in China
  • To get admission in any University in China passport is not necessary but you must arrange it ASAP.
  • University representative will be available to receive the student at the Airport
  • Passport is necessary to get visa letter from China ( must be ready with in the month of admission process)

MBBS in China Recommended Universities for Pakistani Students

  • A common question is asked by prospective medical students and their parents prior to join any medical university about to decide One-of-the-Best choice.
  • In Usual practice, every student counselor advise any specific university to join MBBS & BDS in China, even sometimes Only-One to chose, but at this point there is very sensitive and important issue occurs that’s about to decide one’s Future and there is no way to lead it to Only-One-Choice.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., offer our services based on experience since 2014 , which leads to offer you a variety of different well experienced medical universities for the prospective MBBS & BDS students in China.
  • Every year we review and update our priority list to chose the best medical universities in different regions of China that’s compatible to the Pakistani potential students needs, like best studies, climate, halal food, living and suitable environment, specially for girls.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., categories the Recommended medical chines universities about to chose MBBS & BDS for Pakistani students in three ways ;
    • For Fee-Conscious, seeking Only Low cost but Best in studies
    • For Quality-Conscious, seeking Only Best among the average Cost
    • For Best-Experienced in studies, among the all
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., publish recommended medical chines universities with our special offers experienced-based services at very low cost, which can be acquired by contacting us at your early priority.
  • ” Unfortunately, in Usual manner , prospective doctors during search of their potential medical studies, want Experienced-Based Information at No-Cost from any Student Counselor, but after qualifying MBBS / BDS they need heavy amount just to Consult ..”. We straightforwardly refuse any type of free services as well as consultation
  • Hopefully, students and their parent must ‘Hire-at-Counseling-Fee’ of their choice to get best services for prospective medical studies in China.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. Est. Since 2014, offering our services at very reasonable cost.
  • We at FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.based in Lahore-Pakistan, charge only our consultancy charges while university fee is payable at arrival in china at university office. To pay our consultancy changes, you can have any of your convenient way like, visiting at our office in Lahore, by Bank-to-Bank, Mobicash, Payoneer, Skrill or we can arrange our services at your place at extra cost.

MBBS in China Admission Cost & Process (Step-By-Step)

  • You’ll have to Register with FLYUP for to process your Admission.
  • Send the scanned copies of Matric/SSC/O-Levels/ Marks sheet/Certificate
  • Send the scanned copies of Inter/F.Sc / A-levels Marks Sheet/ Certificate
  • After receiving Consultancy Changes we’ll provide your a list of the recommended medical chines universities to chose any three of them, whereas we arrange admission mini in tow of them, while you may process to any One.
You’ll get Admission Confirmation letter in one -to – two weeks in the prospective Govt. Chines Medical University .
  1. After getting admission acceptance/ letter we process your visa letter (JW202) from Ministry of Education China (MOE).
  2. This process can take 3-weeks in usual practice.
  3. We required the further documents for to apply JW202 , While a check list will be sent to you along your admission letter.
  • After receiving the JW202 (original letter) , you’ll have to appear in Chines Embassy Islamabad or Karachi to get your eatery clearance for China as a student.
  • We’ll guide and help you to complete all the process.
  • This process will take usually One-Week to accomplish.
  • After getting China Student Visa stamp at your passport, you’ll have to ready for to go your prospective university in China.
  • You’ll have to get Tick to fly for your studies in China (approximately cost Rs.50,000/-).
  • If your going with Group of our students, will will provide you all the students contacts to coordinate.
  • University representative will be ready to pick you for the airport and take you the university.
  • He’ll also help you to arrange you hostel and in all other matters.
Payments Information
  1. You can pay by visiting our Pakistan office or by Bank-to-Bank, Omni, Mobicash, EasyPesa, Payoneer, Skrill.
  2. You can pay by Mobicash account (0300-4888642 )
  3. Contact to get Bank Details for Online Payments.
Some Other Features
  1. We’ll recommend you a best Medical University for your prospective studies after receiving the application fee.
  2. Admission will be arranged in one-to-two weeks.
  3. Visa letter JW202 will be arranged in 4-6 weeks.
  4. University fee is payable at university office on arrival .
  5. Send your academics/education docs scanned copies at
  6. We have few seats to admit the students, while received lot of applications for to get admission.
  7. Don’t Daley : Apply in Time and Reach in Time at your prospective medical university in China.
  8. We have only ONE Admission Office located in Lahore, FLYUP Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., working Since 2014.
Admission process in MBBS in China has been started, You must send your educational documents immediately to find a place in the MBBS from China at a University of your choice.

How to calculate the entire cost of studies and other expenses during MBBS in China?
  • Studies Cost (Inclusive all followings)
    • Tuition fee , Hostel Fee
    • Visa Extension, Medical Insurances and Temp Residence expenses
    • all above expenses are included in 1st year & yearly fees
  • Air Ticket ( One-Way ; Pakistan-To-China) Approx Rs. 55000/- to Rs. 65000/-
  • Food /Catering Expenses (Monthly) Approx Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 9,000/-
  • Books Cost ( Its batter to buy republished books from Pakistan which are at very low cost)
  • Visa expenses and Admission Expenses.

China MBBS Recognition with PMDC in Pakistan.

Remember that you will have to keep minimum 60% marks in only F.Sc (Pre-Medical) for to study MBBS in China, there is no other way. This is because all the Chines Medical Universities’ degrees are recognized here in Pakistan, but to go for practices as a Doctor, you’re required to qualify PMDC exam and their criteria is mini 60% marks in the F.Sc (Pre-Medical). There is NOT ANY Chines University which is exempted for PMDC exam, all students who qualify MBBS from any Chines University will have to appear in the PMDC Exam to get Practice License being a Doctor in Pakistan. Before joining any Chines University you may apply for NOC from PMDC

MBBS in China For Pakistani StudenTS




Self-Finance MBBS Degree

1. Henan University of

 Science & Technology

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :
1st Year : 4800 USD incl. Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 16,000 CNY
Hostel : 4000 CNY

Deadline to Apply : 15 August, 2018

2. Hainan Medical University

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :

1st Year : 4700 USD including Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 20,500 CNY
Hostel : 3600 CNY

Deadline to Apply : 15 August, 2018

3. University of South China

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)
Fee Structure / Year :
1st Year : 4800 USD incl. Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical
2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 18,000 CNY
Hostel : 3000 CNY

Deadline to Apply : 15 August, 2018

4. Chengdu Uni of TCM

2018 September Intake :

Bachelor Degree :
1. MBBS (6 Years)

Fee Structure / Year :

1st Year : 4800 USD incl. Hostel,
Tuition, Insurance, Visa, Medical

2nd Year Onward
Tuition : 17,000 CNY
Hostel : 3400 CNY

Deadline to Apply : 15 August, 2018

MBBS in China Admissions

2018 intake Updates


Low Cost Universities for Admission MBBS in China 2018 – 2019

Other Expenses for MBBS in China 2018-2019

Fee Structure Sample

Cost in Pakistan :-

  • Application Fee $200 =(Rs. 20,000/-)
  • JW202/Visa letter Chargers + University Registration Charges

Food /Catering Cost in China:

  • Monthly Food Expenses : Rs. 9000/-

Air Ticket :-

  • One way Air Ticket approx Rs. 55,000/- to Rs. 65,000/-

Miscellaneous Charges at University : –

  • Visa Extension, Registration, Medical Insurance, Medical Checkup in China: 2600RMB/ 1stYear
  • Visa Extension and Medical Insurance : 1400 RMB/ 2nd Year onward

MBBS in China Fee Structure Sample for a University 2018 – 2019

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